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What is PHP used for?

PHP is a script programming language which is used to create dynamic, user-friendly and interactive sites. It could be used in creating login pages, shopping carts, securely process credit card payments, store and retrieve data from a database etc. It can also be used to create websites with content management systems like WordPress and Joomla.

What is a PHP framework?

PHP framework is a platform that makes it easier for developers to build complex and secure web applications. PHP frameworks provide developers with the basic structure of a web application. They contain libraries for common tasks such as database access, user authentication and creating web page templates. Common PHP frameworks include Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, and Zend Framework.

What is PHP Laravel used for?

PHP Laravel is an open-source web framework which is used to develop web applications based on the PHP programming language. It provides an accessible and powerful web development platform by creating an abstract and simple codebase. Furthermore, it is a tool that can help developers to build complex, reliable and secure web applications faster than ever before. Laravel aims to make development more enjoyable and organized for developers by providing the following features: modular packaging system, extensive migration system, reliable and earlier application structure, built-in authentication, sophisticated routing.

Is PHP Laravel easy?

PHP Laravel is a popular and powerful web development framework. It could be quite complex to learn for beginners, but rewarding for intermediate and advanced devs. However, it is made easier with the use of graphical interfaces. There are many resources available online to learn from.

Is there a future in Laravel?

Yes, using the Laravel framework is gradually gaining popularity, and this trend will be continuing in the future. It becomes increasingly popular along with distributing development of websites and web applications. Laravel has become a powerful and versatile development platform, capable of building powerful and complex applications quickly and efficiently because of its performance, scalability and ease of use. Furthermore, there is a future in learning Laravel and becoming confident enough to create applications with its framework, due to its popularity and a strong support network.