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2 August 2021

Michael Raikh

💬 Feedback summary: The client is delighted with Corpsoft.io's work quality and how they meet their requirements throughout the engagement. They lead a communicative process to keep the team updated on the work. Their responsive approach has also been key… ”


29 July 2021

Kyril Zimin

💬 Feedback summary: Corpsoft.io even sourced put external experts to work on the project, and their work made a significant difference. Although the business model never took hold, the team provided good quality work. 💬Project summary: Corpsoft.io was hired to… ”


21 July 2021

Masaaki Hatano

💬"They provide regular updates that were easy to understand and the quality of work was amazing." Feedback summary: 💬"The client felt like Corpsoft.io was in their own team. Their workflow was easy to understand, even as the client would describe… ”


19 July 2021

James Hart

💬 Feedback summary: "Thanks to Corpsoft.io's engagement, they have successfully created a functional app installed with extra features according to what they have agreed with the clients. The team has established effective communication to respond quickly and provide progress updates.… ”


💬 Feedback summary: "Although it is too early to measure any final metrics as the work is currently ongoing, the team has delivered on tasks thus far. Corpsoft.io has been communicative, providing regular updates when necessary." 💬Project summary: "Corpsoft.io provides… ”


6 May 2021

Luca Bernardi

💬"I am very pleased to announce that, after many months of work, a new product from MénageSimple will soon be ready for beta testing. You will hear more about it in the coming weeks. A great great thank you to… ”