Web applications development

Focus: On application customers
Development process: iterative
MVP launch: 2-3 iterations

Launching SaaS is a challenge and we figured out how to deal with it by working on our own SaaS solutions for various business industries.

Key thing is the value, that should be obvious for potential subscribers, when they start using the app. Usability, user experience and task-centered approach are not irrelevant concepts, when it comes to client-oriented web applications. On average it’s 2-3 iterations, which take development team to come up with an MVP.

Digital transformation

Focus: On business
Development process: iterative
MVP launch: 3-5 iterations

While your competitors may be forcing your customers fill in long paper forms, or manually do some repetitive routine, or assign staff to make a number of calls instead of automated data gathering, you can transform your operations and bring it to another level.

Key focus should be on your business processes and operations, which would be automated to reach the goal of digital transformation. On average it’s 3-5 iterations to come up with a tool.