Darya Mateychenko👸🏻
Operations Officer / Managing partner

Darya Mateychenko👸🏻

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As Agile practitioner and manager Darya has good practical experience working in different companies (from small startups to large organizations) in the area of establishment, organization and administration of development processes and digital products delivery. Working currently mainly in product-development domain, she has good knowledge set about Agile and Scrum and practical implementation of those concepts for maximizing performance of development team and value delivered by digital products to its users. As Project Manager with background in leading Waterfall projects, Darya has strong understanding of difference between Agile and traditional concepts, situations when each concept would and wouldn’t be appropriate, so she’s capable of doing complex analysis and suggesting solid improvements to the processes and delivery of the organization.

Darya is certified Scrum specialist in the field of managing digital products. She has strong leadership skills and knows mentoring techniques that allow her taking both consulting and leading roles in digital organizations. Darya is considered to be a strong and enthusiastic self-built professional with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry dealing with strategic and tactical level management like operations, product management, project management. She is holding Master’s degree focused in management of foreign economic activity from Economics University.

Fun fact: hates spiders and screams like a child girld when she sees one 🕷🕸.