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Having a business profile on social media has long been a must. However, simply filling up a profile will not make you stand out among other businesses; you should also stand out visually! 👀

Corpsoft.io can design your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. We can create an individual image that will make a good first impression and boost your business’s recognition.

Working with something beautiful is usually more enjoyable, isn’t it?

🛍️ What is included in Social Media Design by Corpsoft.io

We can use your existing designs as a starting point or create new ones if you already have some elements in place.

Creating a visual design for social networks from scratch includes the following elements:

  1. Logo – design of several concepts based on the client’s ideas and business analysis.
  2. Profile picture – the main image that goes at the top of your profile next to your business name.
  3. Highlights images for Instagram – anchored Stories at the top of your profile.
  4. Cover picture for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – the picture at the top of the profile.
  5. Templates for visual content branding in a consistent style.
  6. Extra graphic components as needed.

Our work will result in graphic material layouts for each of the mentioned social networks. You may use them to manage corporate accounts or to design employee profiles.

Furthermore, we are able to analyze your business’s tone of voice or to create it from scratch. In this case, the production of graphic components is combined with the writing of short text blocks explaining the business for each social network, as well as the recommendations for writing texts on the company’s behalf.

🧑‍💼 Social Media Design for startup or established business

A consistent visual identity is important for both an existing business and a freshly created startup to differentiate themselves from their competitors and be remembered by the audience.

For established businesses, we can look into the current visual style and make suggestions for improvements, as well as refine the missing visual components and layouts, if necessary.

For a startup, we are ready to design an individual visual style from scratch, as well as an identity and distinguishing elements for profiles on each of the social networks. Although ready-made designs are not required, we will work with them if they are provided.

Social media design is a long-term investment in the brand of your business. It will help you create the correct image in the eyes of your audience and encourage clients and partners to contact you.

✨ Want to improve the visual style of your social networks?

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People Also Ask

Is social media profile administration included in the Social Media Design service package?

The service exclusively focuses on the creation of the business’s visual style. We supply you with designed concepts and layouts for your company’s social media presence. And you are in charge of future activity on these profiles.

Is it possible to create a visual design for only some of the four social networks?

Each request is discussed individually, and the findings are used to create a visual package tailored to your specific business. It is possible that not all of the social networks on our list will be added. However, in general, a complex strategy for social media marketing yields much better results than if the business is simply represented on one or two of them.

Can I obtain the Social Media Design for networks that aren't listed (TikTok, Snapchat, etc.)?

The basic package of the Social Media Design service includes only Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. All requests that are not on this list, however, are discussed and billed on an individual basis.

How soon can I get a ready-made graphic solution for my social media?

The speed of the outcome is determined by a variety of factors, including the number of pieces for which a visual needs to be created, the existence or absence of the brand and brand book, the client’s expectations, and many others.

If a complex request is submitted, visual style creation for one social network might take up to one month. More specific terms are discussed individually.

What influences the investment in Social Media Design?

The amount of resources required for the development of the business’s visual style is influenced by the technical and visual complexity of the request, the number of visual components to be generated, the existence of brand and brand book or the need to create them, and so on.

We listen to the client’s expectations and express ideas for visual solutions that may be created to meet SMM needs. During this conversation, we create an investment package for the project.