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The law firm addressed Corpsoft.io with the following request: “The project was started and the website is being used as is the backend. However, the backend, which is in PHP, has not been completed, mostly regarding the billing end of it, such as carrying over invoices from month to month, balance aging, billing reports, and the like.”

The client has thousands of clients, and that made them look for a way to control the cases and the payments received. So they had some basic setup but required project finalization with critical functionality related to invoicing.

Custom Legal CRM Description and Challenges

The project included improving the case and payment management system for a law firm. The Corpsoft team did the proper discovery phase, identified necessary improvements, and migrated the product to a more secure and stable platform. We also refactored and ensured the system operated smoothly. 

Billing-related features, such as month-to-month billing rollovers, balance obsolescence, billing reports were some of the key challenges. Updating a mass billing automation in 1.5 months was one major challenge. Because of that thousands of cases and payments received from customers could be managed.

Key Project Features

  1. Generating a single invoice with a common balance for each customer. The system generated different invoices for the same client. That created issues with sending an invoice with a common balance. So we created functionality that automatically relocates all balances from invoices into one with a total amount.
  2. Correcting invoice statuses. CRM left notes on invoices as pending. That is why we automated generating only one invoice for each customer with a total amount. So transferring previous balances depends on the notes.
  3. Invoice Filtering by Date. We also added functionality that allows filtering invoices by date, for a particular period, and for specific hours to generate an invoice.
  4. All Customers List with Analytics and Reporting. Finally, our team structured all customers into lists with their balances and analytics on missed due dates. We also added the ability to sort the list by late payment and have a report with the status.

Overall, these features were added to improve the invoice generation process and provide better reporting for customers.

Value of Mass Billing Automation Development

Corpsoft.io was a technical partner for a law firm. Our team improved its case and payment management system, which required enhancements to its billing-related functions. The project involved rewriting the legacy PHP system using a more robust and modern framework (Laravel). 

New solution allowed the law firm to expand internal processes by automating mass billing and accurate data tracking. This significantly reduced paperwork time spending. We implemented a number of features that improved the account generation process and provided better reporting for clients. 

In summary, we provided a scalable CRM system to track transactions and manage finances. This improves the overall efficiency of the law firm.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack, Google Spreadsheets.


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