Andrey Svyrydov🤴🏻💡
Founder / CEO / Solution Architect

Andrey Svyrydov🤴🏻💡

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Andrey is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Solution Architect, and Tech evangelist with 10+ years of tech expertise. He has a deep understanding of the technical side of the business and a passion for innovation. But only by developing a project together, you’ll understand his true power.

Andrey has founded more than 10 successful SaaS products and startups, including Corpsoft.io. In developing each of his projects, he relies on the latest tech trends and creates simple yet effective solutions that will keep your business ahead of the game.

But it’s not just about having the latest technology. Andrey is constantly evolving his mindset, following technological trends, immersing himself in both the technical side of projects and business strategy and marketing to provide a relevant solution to meet unique business needs. He knows that no brilliant digital solution is useful if it doesn’t address all the business context where it will be used.

Andrey’s deep technical and business expertise is reflected in the products he has successfully launched by himself or in partnership. Some of them are:

  1. Seller Nexus (formerly known as Amzrush.com) is a web application and product for Amazon sellers. It’s one of the first startups that Andrey co-founded. It started as a small cozy project but later grew into a fully functional and useful application for a specific niche.
  2. MMS Energo is a unique Ukrainian system for energy auditors that significantly reduces the time for conducting energy audits of buildings using process automation and individual algorithm development. The platform was launched in partnership with energy experts.
  3. UAWelcome is a volunteer startup for Ukrainian refugees to help them connect with volunteers in the United States. The platform won the “Most Impactful Initiative in the U.S.” award by Tigergraph, ahead of 3,000 candidates from Ukraine.
  4. KeepYourSight is a unique telemedicine platform that enables medical professionals, practices, and healthcare facilities to provide patients with world-class vision screening and testing right from home using well-established, clinically validated digital healthcare tools like PeristatTM and MacustatTM telemedicine tests. Andriy is a Lead Technical Partner for this platform.
  5. eBay2Web – a platform for eBay sellers to create a website based on their eBay store. The platform features an automatic transfer of products from the eBay store to the new website, so sellers can have it up and running within an hour.
  6. Orca (Cachalot) is a local rental marketplace where users can temporarily borrow or rent goods. It has a smart search feature that helps to find people who want to rent things for a long time, rather than buy new ones.

And here are some of Andrey’s hobbies and passions:
😼 He adores animals, especially cats, which he can get along with incredibly well (even with aggressive ones).
💻 He is passionate about innovative technologies and never misses an opportunity to learn something new in his free time.
🚗 He appreciates sports cars and likes to drive at high speed to feel the rush of adrenaline.
🤸 He used to breakdance and could gladly give you a master class.