Andrey Svyrydov🤴🏻💡
Founder / CEO / Solution Architect

Andrey Svyrydov🤴🏻💡

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I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, Strategist, and Tech evangelist. I see my mission in transformation businesses and lives by using best from what technologies can offer today.

My expertise comes from my work, during which I launched several own SaaS products and startups. I actively share my knowledge, train teams and transform my mindset all the time to catch opportunities that Life offers.

My deep tech expertise comes from my self-built work on several startups:

  1. My first product serves the needs of Amazon sellers: Seller Nexus, formerly known as Amzrush.com. It’s a web app and product I co-founded, which was started as lamp-project, but later grew to a fully functional and useful app for specific niche..
  2. My second startup is Corpsoft.io company – a boutique agency that helped douzens and will help more entrepreneurs with the transformation of their ideas into working web products..
  3. My third successful and launched app is Estimatess.io – an app built by developers for developers and development companies resolve the challenges with projects estimations.