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Start with: initial application review and exploring options to optimize business processes

Client’s initial request was to adjust or rebuild an existing MySQL and PHP application that tracks incoming calls, employee time and leave. They would like to create a custom CRM solution able to support all their back-office management.

Client approached to Corpsoft.io to analyze their application, which functioned incorrectly, and to fix the bugs and implement further stages of enhancement. Previous developers had failed to complete the project and demanded a fee. The company considered two solutions: to fix the current errors and implement further phases, or to rebuild the application from scratch. After an assessment of the code base identified that the code structure was in low condition, the company decided to create a custom application to avoid future risks and financial losses.

Development stages and functionality of custom CRM solution

My Office Help is a virtual solution that provides scheduling, dispatching, customer relationship management, marketing, business coaching, social media management, web design, and graphic design support for the home service industry. Following the company owners’ request, we created a custom CRM solution. It allows management of all business operations via a single application with the ability to integrate with other services, able to support all current company services in the future.

The platform has the following functionality:

  • Employee time tracking;
  • Call data tracking;
  • Booking conversion rates;
  • Client-side access providing live updates on call statistics;
  • Holiday/Vacation pay tracking;
  • Time off requests;
  • Marketing origination tracking;
  • Internal data tracking through assigned teams and individual employees;
  • Exportable reporting capable of generating documents in PDF, Excel, CSV, or Straight Print.

In addition, the following roles are present on the platform:

  • Owner (Can access all features);
  • Admin (Can access all features, but cannot remove or alter owner accounts);
  • Team Leader (Can access reporting, time off, data edits, time tracking, and time edits for the members assigned to their team);
  • CSR (Can enter data and access their time data, their reporting, and that of their team);
  • Client (Can access reporting data for their own company, with the names of reporting CSRs removed.
  • Project Challenges

Custom CRM key features & challenges

Сorpsoft.io researched and implemented a temporary alternative for the company using external ready-made solutions. They allowed to save internal processes for the customer team during the development of the first phase.

There were a few challenges that we faced while working on the project. First, our team had a challenge to migrate a large amount of data from an outdated system. It was chaotically grouped due to the incorrect architecture by previous developers. We did our best to transfer data to a new back office management platform with a new architecture and no losses.

The second challenge was to create complex, multi-variant reports that combine large amounts of data generated by the company in a fast and easy-to-use form. This challenge was solved by creating dynamic and flexible exportable reports capable of generating documents in PDF, Excel, CSV, or Straight Print. This made it possible to speed up the processing of statistics as well, without having to spend up to 10 hours on processing before.

The third challenge was to integrate the new data storage and management system into the company’s regular processes with minimal employee entry time. Our team carried out detailed planning of the CRM’s architecture, navigation, and intuitive layout to make it easier for users to understand. As a result, we created a user-friendly workspace for filling out tables and forms with the ability to store huge sheets of data and documents related to the platform. We added the ability to operate the system in real time without the regular need to update the page, too, to make it easier to work and use.

The last challenge was to create a streamlined onboarding process. The candidate tracking system was created from scratch directly in the application. This allowed the company to move away from Indeed and have its own internal candidate tracking system. There is also a convenient function of signing documents right on the platform, which allows the company to fully automate the onboarding process.

Value provided through a custom CRM solution development

Key benefits of the new system included fast data processing, increased transparency within the company, having all the necessary tools in one place, and making the company’s work more transparent to customers by introducing personalized customer accounts in their personal profile, which helped increase customer loyalty. Onboarding process was also added.

We also introduced a streamlined onboarding process, leading to significant cost savings. The efficiency gains achieved through this platform enabled the company to save an estimated $200,000 per year. In addition, they received a lot of new orders from people who used the platform, which is significantly ahead of the competition.

In addition, they received a lot of new orders from people who used the platform, which is significantly ahead of the competition.

Process of work: Scrum Methodology

We used Scrum with its sprint-based development and fast increments shipment.

After analyzing the domain, discovering and planning the project, we started the development iterations. We divided the work into sprints, formulating the tasks to be completed in the format of user stories with an emphasis on the client’s business.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack

Client’s review

Check out what our client shared as his feedback: CLICK HERE


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