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Why create a custom music distribution platform?

The client’s business is distributing digital music, helping new artists release and promote their music officially. They used to lease an existing, but not really user-friendly web app with limited functionality, but they wanted to get their own music distribution platform development and approached us for this.

During the project our team immersed themselves into music context and created a convenient platform for interaction between artists and digital distribution companies. Simultaneously we developed a bright and attractive website for the client to engage the audience. But first things first.

Value provided through development

The project took only five months to complete. We say “only” as in such a short period of time we managed to develop two parts of the complex product simultaneously – the platform itself and the website for presenting the project and attracting artists.

Due to automation, the number of new tracks uploaded to the platform per day has increased. On the new platform, this figure reaches 500 tracks, when the old one had only up to 200 tracks uploaded per day.

Automated request processing has sped up the entire music distribution process fourfold. And the average monthly traffic on the website now reaches 5k users, about 40% of whom leave an application for registration on the platform.

How does it work?

Music Distribution Platform Development

The Music Distribution Platform has become a handy tool for business. With its help our client now receives music and efficiently distributes it to streaming and downloading platforms such as Spotify, Apple music and others.

With the CRM component of the music distribution platform, 2 parties interact: artists and company staff. Artists upload music files and enter metadata by themselves, which then undergo quality control. After all the verifications, materials are sent for uploading to digital music resources.

The second important feature is cooperation with digital music platforms and stores. Integrations with them enable you to send verified music materials to the right platforms in a few clicks, and then track the statistics in your personal account or through the admin panel.

Music Distribution Website Redesign

During the platform development process, our team demonstrated proficiency and focus on the project’s success. So when the client needed to update the website to engage users on the platform, they didn’t hesitate to contact us.

The main idea of the website was to show and tell users what the company does, and to lead them to action – to leave a request and become a client.

The website was developed alongside the platform and took only 2 months. During this time, we structured the content on the site, added eye-catching visuals, as well as customized CMS for better content management.

An important part was using the custom design we’ve created earlier for the platform. We also created day and night modes for the website and the platform so that users could customize them however they wanted.

Technology aspects of music distribution platform development

For the Music Distribution Platform we chose the tech stack considering security, customizability and processing and storing a massive amount of data. That’s why the platform is built using:

  • Laravel
  • PHP 8.1+
  • React.js
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • MySQL as database.

SEO is important for good website promotion, and JS-interactivity is important for eye-catching visuals. So after researching the best options for the tech stack, we opted for WordPress (PHP), which ideally matched the business needs.


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