Automated workplace booking system development for co-working space

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Start with: the idea of digital transformation of a co-working business

We received a request for a web application from 2 co-working business owners in May 2021. It is a small space (1000 square feet) catering to freelancers and other flexible workers in the local area who need to hire a desk or meeting room in a professional workspace on an informal, pay-as-you-go basis.

The client’s original idea was to create a co-working space management mobile app. But it was later dropped in favor of a web app. So as there was the ability to host it and run it instantly on their schedule without the need to struggle with app stores.

Monzo’s banking app was the benchmark user experience for the app, namely an easy registration process, and a really clean user interface. The app had to help the client realize their business model, so they wanted it to be able to work in multiple locations from the start, in case they opened another office in the future.

There was only 1 office at the time before development. But the client wanted members to be able to choose which office they book/register for. And also, as an admin, wanted the ability to set access and reservation fees independently for all offices.

Automated workplace booking system development description

During the initial phase, we discussed the client’s overall project view, how they would like to implement their idea, etc. We received a general briefing. Then we had a sequence of introductory calls to agree on the project scope and sprint structure for development. We started work immediately, and during the development process, we were as transparent as possible. So we regularly reported on the project progress to the client and received their feedback, requests for additional features, and bug fixes.

The project’s speed was one of the goals, so during the discussions we decided that the project would take 3 sprint cycles to develop. As a result, we got a very comprehensive and viable final product. We acted as technical partners in the project. So the finished application was launched by our team on our recommended hosting platform. We carefully corrected any bugs and made any adjustments to the logic of the app throughout the process.

Workplace booking system key features & challenges

Our client wanted a fast development of an application, which allow him to fully automate the operation of his business. So we started the project immediately. During the development, we encountered the client’s requests such as:

  • remote workspace reservation system;
  • an online map of available seats;
  • automation of the venue’s operations;
  • in-app payment.

Our first challenge was to get the full development to a viable product in a very limited number of iterations. The time limit was 3 months.

According to the client’s idea, freelancers and business owners could book a workspace, see the available seats, independently enter the co-working space and pay for the services in one app.

We started with automated workplace booking system development in a co-working. It makes it possible to remotely select a place, time, and duration to be in the co-working space in a few minutes. Concurrently with this, we were also working on dynamic visitor tracking. This means that we have created an online room map so that the user can use real-time seat availability tracking. That allowed the user to choose a convenient place to work independently, while the owner could see the occupancy and has assistance in customer accounting.

The next challenge was the client’s request to automate the entrance to the area. We had to create digital keys for access control that allowed visitors to enter the space. The idea was to make the business fully automated and get easy staff-free management. To implement this, we used the API DoorDeck, which was new to us at that time. As a result, we could successfully implement this idea. Now every user who has booked and paid for a seat automatically gets access to the entrance door. Users have to log in to the app, click on the digital door, and then the real door of the place will open.

The last goal was to integrate the payment system. Our client wanted his app to have a flexible payment system. We, as technical partners, offered our expertise and created an e-wallet using Stripe. Now, to pay for the services of the workspace, it is necessary to deposit the internal wallet and use it to pay for services. This system of payments and credits gave the client more flexibility in managing the user accounts when it comes to negotiating prices.

Value provided through automated workplace booking system development

Finally, in a short period, we created an application for a company that provides services for managing co-working spaces. This platform fulfills the intended purpose. It helps in managing access control to the office space and with the billing system, which fully meets the expectations of the client.

Registration of real participants in the application began shortly after the launch of the product without any complications. The first feedback was not long in coming. What is most interesting, about Google Maps is the reviews of the co-working itself, people often write positive comments about the application and its convenience.

Process of work

We used Scrum with its sprint development and fast delivery of increments.

After analyzing the subject area, and discovering and planning the project, we proceeded to development iterations. We divided the work into 3 sprint cycles, formulating tasks to be completed in the format of user stories with an emphasis on the client’s request.

Technology stack: PHP Laravel, HTML, CSS, Vue.js, Stripe, DoorDeck

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack

Client’s review

Check out what our client shared as his feedback: CLICK HERE


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