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Let’s improve your business with digitalization!

Let’s improve your business with digitalization!

The trend toward digitalization has a simple explanation: human mistakes are expensive for businesses. They may, however, be prevented by limiting human influence. No, we are not talking about the punishment of the guilty, but rather the optimization and automation of operations.

Consider how much faster the work process would be if enormous volumes of data and other complex processes were collected, analyzed, processed, and systematized by programs instead of people! It would make life easier for your employees and significantly increase your business’s productivity.

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Last update: September 29, 2022
Simplify and accelerate complex workflows

Simplify and accelerate complex workflows

Digitizing processes helps to accelerate and optimize them, freeing up time for more crucial activities that require human interaction.

No chance of making a mistake due to inattention

No chance of making a mistake due to inattention

It’s physically impossible for a human to concentrate on a task constantly for eight hours. Algorithms, on the other hand, have no such weaknesses, and therefore the risk of making a mistake is reduced.

Increase team productivity

Increase team productivity

Reducing and optimizing manual labor adds variety and enhances involvement in the work process. And it has a direct correlation with work productivity.

 Enhance customer flow

Enhance customer flow

Faster workflows also mean that you can serve much more clients per unit time, allowing you to generate significantly more money.

What is a Digital Transformation service by Corpsoft.io

Businesses need to discover and incorporate new technologies into their processes, or improve those that are already in use, in order to stay strong and competitive. At the core of digital transformation is the endeavor to meet the demands of the audience and market.

It is more than just the digitalization of processes that were previously done manually. It is also the rethinking and optimization of these processes in order to provide a product or service that is easier to implement, more convenient, and completely fits the needs of the consumer. After all, spending fewer resources while providing a better outcome for clients is a winning business approach.

It is not difficult to establish a digital component in the early stages of a business. However, coming up with the notion of digital transformation might be challenging for an existing business that has been in the market for some time. That’s why Corpsoft.io has dedicated a specific service to this procedure.


The benefits of digital transformation for business

💻 Advanced data collecting

Algorithms acquire and process data at hundreds of times the speed of humans. Its activities can be pre-programmed and automated, with the worker simply needing to analyze and interpret the data, which speeds up the work process.

🧮 Effective resource management

Digital transformation combines resources and information into a set of business tools that are simple and easy to manage centrally. It also lowers the cost of data monitoring and analysis.

👥 Improved customer analysis based on their data

By analyzing consumer data, you can give a more relevant, personalized, and flexible product or service to your customers. And automating the process speeds it up and helps your  business thrive.

👍 Increasing client satisfaction

Clients, like businesses, want to spend fewer resources while getting the best outcome that meets their needs. The consumer will be happy if a company can meet, or even surpass, their expectations through automated and comprehensive processes. And he is more likely to return to you, and he may even bring in new loyal clients.

📱 Overall developments in digital culture

The use of modern digital technology creates new prospects for businesses and leads to their rapid growth. It also aids in attracting further investment and provides better goods and services.

💸 Increasing profits

Increased profits come from the speeding up and optimizing of business processes via the use of digital technology. As a result of digitalization, certain work processes are automated, while others are simplified and require fewer resources.

⚡ Increasing speed and flexibility

Automation and digitizing procedures increase flexibility and adaptability in business operations. This implies your organization will be able to react to internal and external changes more effectively as well as innovate more rapidly and without losing income during the transformation.

🧑‍💻 Boosting productivity

A well-planned and optimized business process doesn’t require continual human supervision and consistently generates profits for the company. The business boosts its production and efficiency by eliminating the need to spend time and effort controlling multiple processes.


What are the steps of the Digital transformation service by Corpsoft.io

Analyzing your existing business processes, creating a digital transition strategy, and creating and implementing a tech solution to help improve your business operations are all part of digital business transformation.

The main stages of the Digital transformation service are:

  1. The research stage, in which we explore the client’s business processes and together identify the causes and issues that can be solved with the aid of the digital transformation.
  2. The strategic planning stage, when together with the client, we formulate a strategy for digital business transformation and the following steps in its implementation.
  3. The hypothesis formulation stage, in which we evaluate the technical possibilities for digital transformation while keeping business goals and strategy in mind, and then provide applicable technical solutions based on this information.
  4. The development stage entails establishing a technical product and adding extra features that will make it more customized for certain business demands.
  5. The implementation stage of the technical product, including final testing and, if necessary, revisions. We also provide further technical and consulting maintenance at the client’s request.


How to adapt your business to digital transformation

Discovering a business’ potential is the first and most important step toward digital transformation. Technological progress necessitates companies being quick and adaptable, so as soon as you agree to use every accessible instrument to improve and expand your business to its maximum potential – you are on your way to success.

Another approach is to optimize and simplify the procedures involved in providing your clients with goods or services. For example, you can attract clients both offline and online, and the sales process may be tailored to social media or your website. In other words, you may consider how to make life simpler for your customers even before you go digital, because the motivation for such changes, not the tools you use, is at the root of such changes. If you can make the process easier and faster, do it!

It is important to remember that digital transformation does not occur overnight. It is a difficult, step-by-step process of altering corporate growth strategy, using digital technologies, and educating employees. A team of professionals from Corpsoft.io can assist you in preparing for this process, developing transition stages with you, developing a technical component, and aiding you in implementing it in business operations.

Let’s get started if you’re ready to optimize and improve your business!


Contact us and let’s figure out how we can optimize your workflow!


Contact us and let’s figure out how we can optimize your workflow!

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People Also Ask

What’s the difference between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation?

The process of transforming information from analog to digital format is known as digitization. This is only the first step that many businesses took after the computer had been developed. Data storage has improved since then, but in some companies, all critical information is still stored on hard media.

Digitalization refers to the use of digital data to simplify business processes. It is not just storing data on a computer, but also developing particular software to make working with digital files easier and faster. The fundamental concepts of doing business have not altered significantly, yet business processes have gotten far more efficient.

People have eventually come around to the concept of digital transformation, in which a business completely changes its processes to implement digital technology. This involves new methods of gathering, processing, and using information, as well as refining current processes to make them faster and more comfortable for the end customer.


What exactly is included in the Digital transformation service by Corpsoft.io?

Digital transformation service aims to transform and optimize business processes while also converting them to a digital environment.

First, we get to know the business and discover its processes through an interview format. Next, we create a strategic plan for the business’s digital transformation, taking into consideration its goals as well as the key aspects of internal and external business processes. Then, we develop software or an application that aids in the acceleration, optimization, and simplification of business operations in order to accomplish the required outcomes with less resources. Finally, we help in the implementation of tech innovation into business workflow and provide follow-up technical assistance.

How long does it take to complete a digital transformation of my business?

Each business is unique, so it takes some time to develop the most appropriate solution. The whole process of digital transformation has a direct effect on almost all business processes, not just specific software. The time to develop a technical solution depends on many factors, such as the specifics and complexity of your business processes.

For our part, we can say that, on average, the MVP is developed within 2-3 months, during which we communicate with the client and make operational changes as needed. Then we’ll need a couple extra months to add the specific functionality you’ll need to manage your business tasks and achieve your objectives.


Can a startup take advantage of the Digital transformation service by Corpsoft.io?

Yes, there is no problem. Businesses of any size and development stage who want to establish a new digital solution or digitalize their operations can contact us and request the Digital Transformation service.

Some businesses that approached us for digital transformation eventually decided to switch to SAAS as well. In this case, we worked on the new project as if it were a startup.