Complex business tool development for the 3D model construction

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If you need a digital tool for creating 3D models, look no further than the Corpsoft.io development team!

3D model creating tool background

This digital tool development is part of a large project that we have created in partnership with a leading construction company, MIDFIX.

The vendor has a great pool of customers who order customized models. The process used to require many steps until we developed an online solution to streamline it.

3D model building tool description

The main purpose of the product is to create custom 3D models based on data specified by the user. During development, we took into account a huge amount of incoming data, so that at the output the user quickly receives and immediately orders a model that fits his requirements.

Our development is an alternative for the ADI/CADENCE product, creating a base model for each product that users would customize in the tool.

In addition to creating a 3D model, the user can place an order for its production, as well as track the status of its completion.

Value provided through 3D model construction tool development

The development of such a complex product took a year of dedicated work, but the results were worth it.

The created tool optimized and accelerated the sales process by 4 times, saving the company thousands of dollars in time spent by managers, who used to receive and process custom orders manually.

Developing this instrument provided a strong competitive advantage as well. Buyers can not only place a custom order but also view the 3D model from different angles and make corrections if needed.

Key Highlights & Challenges

To build a complex and convenient business tool for creating 3D models, we focused on the development of three main functions. These became the main challenges of the project, which we have successfully overcome.

1. Development of a custom detail construction algorithm

We re-engineered how 3D models are built through matrices, also investigated a range of libraries, and settled on the library “Pyvista”, which made it possible to save models in different formats and allow modification of created objects.

2. Detail generating on the basis of entered data

An important feature of the product is the generation and further visualization of 3D models based on the data that was specified by the user. As a result, the customer receives a report file with a list of all the parameters entered by them, which later is used to create an estimate, and the company receives a formed order for further processing and delivery.

3. 3D model visualization in seconds

Image optimization and the use of a powerful server made it possible to speed up the complex process of displaying a 3D model in just a few seconds. Customers don’t have to wait long to get a visualization of their custom order.

Technology aspects

To create an online tool for 3D model construction, we used such a tech stack:

  • Laravel
  • Centrifuge
  • MySQL
  • Python
  • Pyvista

Additionally, we used such tools as Gmail, Zoom, Slack, and Google Spreadsheets.


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