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Telemedicine Software Solution Background

The initial telemedicine software platform was built on WordPress. However, as the logic grew and became more complex (along with more powerful and innovative eye tests), it required a rebuild to a more advanced technology stack.

The client’s primary request to us occurred in the leadership of another offshore development team, as experts with both project management and technical expertise. We had several rounds of consultations and conversations demonstrating our team’s experience with custom telehealth software, and as a result we took the project fully under our supervision.

Telemedicine Software Platform Description and Challenges

KeepYourSight is the first telemedicine software solution for population eye health. Using established clinically proven digital health tools such as Peristat™ and Macustat™ telemedicine tests, KeepYourSight allows doctors, clinics and health centers to offer patients best-in-class vision screening and testing services at home.

Leading and technically supervising another team was our job initially, but they provided an insufficient level of technical expertise for the telemedicine platform development. So the decision was made to fully delegate the project to the Corpsoft team. There were many challenges, from redesigning the username interface to fixing vision tests, but the key tasks were:

  • build a HIPAA-compliant architecture and infrastructure;
  • fix the validity of the tests;
  • add roles and permission levels to manage the system;
  • create a practice area with advanced management tools to keep patient records and test results in order;
  • add an internal accounting tool.

Key Features of the Custom Telemedicine Software

From the beginning of this development, we relied on building a HIPAA-compliant architecture and infrastructure that allowed this platform to be accredited as a telemedicine. According to HIPAA, we created a system of roles and permission levels. This allows patient data to be kept private. More information about the importance of HIPAA-compliance can be found here.

First tests that the previous team developed worked not validly and needed tweaking. So we were challenged to fix the tests. For this purpose we corrected 3 vision tests almost completely, namely Peristat™, Macustat™ and Accustat™, and later we created and added one more test – Photostat™. It involves correctly identifying the position of the patient’s head and eyes, as well as controlling eye movement according to test instructions, then processing the results and transmitting them to the doctor for review and analysis. Also, we have added a gadget-specific test calibration function to improve scaling. Now the calibration is carried out with the camera and the credit card: the patient should hold the gadget’s camera over the card so that it is strictly framed, as shown on the screen. This way, tests are adapted to the specifics of a particular gadget for reliable results.

Also, for identification of users, there is a system of referral codes. This means that every user is given an internal unique referral code during registration, which makes it easy to identify the patient in the system. In order to keep the internal accounting, we integrated QuickBooks, which easily helps to keep the financial part of the platform. In addition, we included the ability to create practice reports to get test reports in PDF format in one click.

Value Provided within Telemedicine Software Development

As a result, Corpsoft.io improved the platform by extending its capabilities, modifying its user interface and branding, and introducing new features that increased the value of the platform for users. One of the most important business advantages was that the platform was developed with HIPAA compliance, which helped accredit it as a telemedicine software solution.

One of the key points we are most proud of is that we have not only fixed and validated incompetent tests, but also our team has developed another innovative test for this telemedicine software service. It involved computer vision technology for the sight screening process.

Technology stack: PHP, Laravel 6, REST API, Vue.JS, Twilio, Wurfl, Quickbooks

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack, Google spreadsheets.

Client feedback

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People Also Ask

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of a medical expert diagnosing and treating patients remotely using technology (computers, video, phones, and texting).

Of course, any business that focuses on telemedicine is closely linked to technology and needs special attention when creating a telemedicine software platform.

What hardware and software are used for telemedicine?

Carts, desktop/laptop computers, and tablets are common examples of hardware used in telemedicine consultations. Carts are mobile equipment used in healthcare and education. While educational carts are used for training, meetings, interviews, etc., clinical carts are utilized for patient care.

As for the software – companies can use existing offers on the market or implement their own telemedicine software solution.

What is the difference between telemedicine and telehealth?

The term “telemedicine” only applies to clinical services and is only focused on providing direct patient care. Telehealth encompasses a larger variety of administrative, non-clinical, and instructional healthcare operations in addition to clinical services. Our company has enough experience and understanding of the domain to implement both custom telemedicine software and custom telehealth software.

How to develop a telemedicine app?

The methods for implementing telemedicine software development are the same as those for other digital goods. In the essay, we have outlined the fundamental phases of product creation.

How to start telemedicine business?

  1. Learn about the telemedicine regulations in your state;
  2. Choose a telemedicine strategy for your practice.
    Engage your employees;
  3. Choose a reliable technological partner for telemedicine software development;
  4. Be prepared to pay upfront charges for telemedicine;
  5. Check your progress.