Custom telemedicine software development for vision screening and testing platform

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The greatest service for developing custom software solutions for telemedicine platforms is offered by Corpsoft.io.

Telemedicine Software Solution Background

The original telemedicine software platform has been built on the WordPress platform and with growth and more complicated logic (along with more powerful and innovative eye tests) it demanded rebuilt on a better technological stack.

At first, client approached us with a request to manage another team that provided not enough level of technical expertise for a telemedicine software solution. We had several rounds of consultations and conversations demonstrating the expertise of our team in working with custom telemedicine software and eventually took the project into our hands in full.

Telemedicine Software Platform Description

KeepYourSight is the first telemedicine software solution for population eye health. Using established clinically validated digital health tools such as the Peristat™ and Macustat™ telemedicine tests, KeepYourSight empowers doctors, clinics and health centers to offer best-in-class vision screening and testing to patients right from their homes.
Telemedicine software development features include:

  • Different level access and permissions for managing the system;
  • Practices area with extended management tools for keeping patients records and test results in order;
  • HIPAA compliance architecture and infrastructure;
  • Innovative tests for patients;
  • … and more.

Value provided for telemedicine software development

Corpsoft.io helped expand the telemedicine software platform, do UI redesign and rebranding, along with adding in new features that bring in added value into the platform offering to its users.

One of the key things we’re most proud of is another innovative test developed by our team for this telemedicine software solution, that involved computer vision technologies for the eye testing process. One of the tests supposes proper detection of the patient’s head and eyes positioning, along with guided eyes movement per instructions of the test, then processing of the results and submission for Doctor’s review and analysis.

Process of work

We use pure Scrum here with a dedicated team allocated to support the client on his tech roadmap long-term.

Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

We work sprint-by-sprint, defining what from the backlog is the top priority for the upcoming sprint, estimating fit scope based on T-Shirt assessment and team velocity and releasing tested increment at the end of every sprint. That way product gets new things on a regular basis with proper quality and process.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack, Google spreadsheets.

Custom telemedicine software development for vision screening and testing platform

Client feedback

See what KYS shared about working with us long-term: LINK


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People Also Ask

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the practice of a medical expert diagnosing and treating patients remotely using technology (computers, video, phones, and texting).

Of course, any business that focuses on telemedicine is closely linked to technology and needs special attention when creating a telemedicine software platform.

What hardware and software are used for telemedicine?

Carts, desktop/laptop computers, and tablets are common examples of hardware used in telemedicine consultations. Carts are mobile equipment used in healthcare and education. While educational carts are used for training, meetings, interviews, etc., clinical carts are utilized for patient care.

As for the software – companies can use existing offers on the market or implement their own telemedicine software solution.

What is the difference between telemedicine and telehealth?

The term “telemedicine” only applies to clinical services and is only focused on providing direct patient care. Telehealth encompasses a larger variety of administrative, non-clinical, and instructional healthcare operations in addition to clinical services. Our company has enough experience and understanding of the domain to implement both custom telemedicine software and custom telehealth software.

How to develop a telemedicine app?

The methods for implementing telemedicine software development are the same as those for other digital goods. In the essay, we have outlined the fundamental phases of product creation.

How to start telemedicine business?

  1. Learn about the telemedicine regulations in your state;
  2. Choose a telemedicine strategy for your practice.
    Engage your employees;
  3. Choose a reliable technological partner for telemedicine software development;
  4. Be prepared to pay upfront charges for telemedicine;
  5. Check your progress.