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Grow startup from scratch to success

Grow startup from scratch to success

There is a lot of uncertainty that comes with beginning a startup, such as which development pathway to take, what technology to use, where to find funding, who to collaborate with, and so on.

We’ve been in your shoes and we know how to deal with those kinds of issues, so that you won’t dry up financial resources and enter the market right on time. Together, we can create the optimal solution for your business’s needs and turn your idea into a marketable product.

Shall we start?

Last update: August 30, 2022
8-year experience working with startups

8-year experience working with startups

25% of our clients are startups. We accompany them every step of the way, from inception to implementation.

Focus on speed and effectiveness

Focus on speed and effectiveness

We offer a 4x faster time-to-market, focusing on your business priorities along with the high quality of the tech.

Pool of loyal investors

Pool of loyal investors

We have a group of reliable investors who believe in our solutions and are ready to provide financial support to our clients' projects.

International awards for our clients' startups

International awards for our clients' startups

Our customers' products receive international recognition and awards, increasing the flow of investment and the company's awareness.

What does startup development service include in Corpsoft.io

We have hands-on experience in developing startups of different sizes and complexity. Our key expertise includes the development and implementation of tech solutions as well as complete technical responsibility for the product. With us, your startup will go off like a rocket! 🚀

Working with us will provide you with the following benefits:

🕵️ In-depth and continuous research on your target market

Our team immerses into the client’s market, identifying critical aspects for future business and learning more about it throughout the development process. The product team, as well as engineers, are both discovering the client’s business domain.

🎛 Customized solution for your startup

We aim to provide a lean and efficient solution that meets your startup’s current and long-term goals. Following a thorough analysis of your market environment, we will create a product specially tailored to your business needs.

📊 Testing the viability of an idea before implementation

It’s an important step to think over, calculate and plan your project before starting development. This way we save you time and money, and the result is 100% competitive and market-ready.

🔄 Full-cycle startup support

Corpsoft.io is an active partner in the life of your startup. We take a holistic approach, encompassing the strategy, user research, niche analysis and design as well as architecture, development of a product and enablement activities.

👐 Communication with you as one team

We immerse ourselves into your market context  and discover it in order to be on the same wavelength with your business vision. We aim to be more than simply technical experts but also business partners. So communication involves openness, transparency, and equality.

🧗 A company with personal and professional expertise in startup development

We successfully launched 11 startups in 2021. After the launch, 6 of them became our permanent partners, and we continue to innovate in their area and create new products together. In early 2022, the founders of Corpsoft.io created two independent startups aimed at assisting Ukrainian refugees in other countries.

We know what it’s like to start up a business and are ready to assist you along the way.

🔝 Certified specialists with a business background

Our team’s professionalism is validated by certifications. They also have experience working in different areas of business so that enables them to create more specialized and target solutions for startups.


Schedule an intro call and tell us about your innovation!


Schedule an intro call and tell us about your innovation!

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Custom CRM development with automated invoicing for a legal sector
Custom CRM development with automated invoicing for a legal sector

The company approached Corpsoft.io with an existing application launched in 2005 and currently used and the database of cases/files and time logged on those. The logic of the product was not completed in full, mostly the invoicing part, balance and billing reports, etc.

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All-in-one custom CRM solution for back-office business operations
All-in-one custom CRM solution for back-office business operations

The company approached Corpsoft.io with a request to evaluate the current state of the application, which was not working correctly, fix the current bugs and implement subsequent phases to expand it. Their previous developers were not up to the task and were demanding a fee until the project was completed.

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Educational community platform development for space-based research
Educational community platform development for space-based research

The DreamUp approached Corpsoft.io with a request to develop a web app that aims to make space research and projects accessible to students of all ages. Students can explore data collected from scientific missions, learn about satellites, read about astronauts, and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in space.

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People Also Ask

How will you assist me in launching a startup?

We prefer a practical approach and live dialogue. If you have an idea of an innovation and are ready to work on this together as a team, let’s talk! We’ll listen to your objectives and vision, and then discuss technical features, implementation options and potential solutions.

What steps make up the startup development process?

The startup development process is conventionally divided into five stages:

  1. Discovering more about client and his idea, as well as discussing basic technological solutions and MVP functionality;
  2. Research and analysis of the target market, audience needs and pain points, similar projects, technological stack description, and so on;
  3. Development of prototypes based on earlier analysis, discussion and synchronization with the client’s vision, and make some modifications as needed;
  4. Product development, including unique features that distinguishes it from competitors;
  5. Ongoing maintenance and tech support for the final product.

We also interact with the client throughout the development process and make revisions as needed to match the requirements and expectations of the final result.

How fast can you create an MVP?

Each project is unique, and each customized tech solution takes time. We will require a couple weeks to gather information about your business domain and existing similar projects, as well as to determine the key points of the future product. The MVP is then developed over the course of 2-3 months, during which we communicate with the partner and make operational modifications as needed.

This is just a rough number, though; more specific figures are determined after discussing the specifics and processes of the project.

How much should I anticipate investing?

The amount of investment is determined by the complexity and content of the project, the stage of development, technical requirements, etc. We can provide more relevant details after discussing the specifics of your startup.

What happens when a startup is launched?

We aim for a lifetime partnership. Therefore, once the technical product is developed, we are ready to assist with its enablement, and we’ll be excited to evolve and develop innovations together.