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We dare to say we're beyond expectations: in prosperous times, in pandemic, under fire - no excuses, continuous on time delivery and sharp product thinking.

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Corpsoft.io - it’s a company with formed proactive squads who can hop on resolving business challenges with technical means and tools, should it be product development of any kind (like developing a custom CRM, building an internal educational academy for staff, releasing a telemedicine platform, shaping new conferencing tool for narrow audience, etc).

Our major focus is put on creating custom digital solutions for businesses with high attention to user and business needs. The altered Scrum, product-thinking mindset and 4x faster development cycle (we mean it, really) - factors pushing us beyond ordinary outsourced development providers.

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Would you dare to trust your tech needs in hands of Ukrainians?

We have proven record of successful products launches with clients, resolving their tech needs and not only while we all peacefully cooperate, but also in pandemic, under fire or in global turbulence.





How we differ


Product explorations

Clarified the needs of the Asian rental / purchase market while located and operating in Ukraine through registering on dating applications for quick and informal access to the audience in live conversations.


Strategic thinking

Reduced digital product infrastructure costs by 6 times (from $30k/month to $5k/month) and added a custom tracking system for wise decision making - all that increased business survivability for 2 more years despite introduced limitations by bigger players on the market.


Niche digitalization

We optimized (by digitizing) the process of auditing the building for the use of its energy resources: cut the process from 2 weeks to 2 days, automated all its 16 steps where each one had calculations with 20+ formulas - all this within 4 weeks.

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Our leadership

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