Yana Struchenkova 🧞‍♀️
Product Designer / Team Lead

Yana Struchenkova 🧞‍♀️

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Who is Yana, and what is her role?
Yana is a talented Product Designer and the leader of the design team at Corpsoft.io. She possesses an analytical mindset and a keen artistic eye, which help her develop designs and manage UI and UX aspects. Her role goes beyond just design, as she:

  • design user flows and initial product functionality based on client requirements
  • ensures the growth and development of each team member
  • maintains communication with clients throughout the project

Her dedication to perfection and passion for seeking new challenges and experiences push the boundaries of design, making each Corpsoft.io project unique.

What does Yana do, and how does it work?
Yana creates products that align with the client’s vision and user needs. She meticulously studies client requirements and offers several design options and approaches. Her responsibilities include:

  • provides updates and incorporates feedback
  • assists the marketing team with graphic design
  • visualizes ideas in interface design
  • leads and mentors the design team
  • collaborates with engineers to enhance product clarity and efficiency

Yana is an integral part of Corpsoft.io, creating intuitive and aesthetically pleasing products while maintaining a dynamic and creative atmosphere within her design team.

What is Yana’s mission?
Yana’s mission is to develop innovative, user-centered design solutions and redefine how we perceive design. Her unique ability to create products that not only meet but exceed users’ needs and desires helps fulfill her mission. It ensures high-quality work for everyone involved in the process.

Outside of work, Yana:
– professionally practicing classical archery for 2 years and holds an adult rank
– always comes up with new hobbies or travels because he dislikes staying in one place