Yana Struchenkova 🧞‍♀️
Product Designer

Yana Struchenkova 🧞‍♀️

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Yana is the Product Designer on the Corpsoft team.

With her analytical approach and artistic taste, she designs products, creates visuals, and builds logic, ensuring that the client’s vision matches the needs of future users.
Having carefully studied the client’s wishes, Yana demonstrates several options and approaches for their realization. Throughout the project, she consults with the client and sends intermediate results. In conjunction with our engineers, Yana works on the details that help improve the product and make it as simple, clear, beautiful, and effective for users as possible.

🏹 Interesting facts: Yana connected her life with design back in 6th grade: she draws well and went to art school, but she is also passionate about logic, and clarity, which is perfectly compatible with her profession.
Yana has been professionally involved in classical archery for 2 years and has an adult grade – sports are always in her life.
She also doesn’t like to sit still, in her comfort zone – she always comes up with some new hobbies or travel.