Tamara Karpenko🧚‍♀️
Product Delivery Manager

Tamara Karpenko🧚‍♀️

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Who is Tamara, and what is her role?
Tamara Karpenko is a Product Delivery Manager at Corpsoft.io. Her experience and skills allow her to manage workflows effectively, and her knowledge of Scrum and Kanban methodologies ensures timely product delivery. Tamara’s role in the company includes product delivery management, managing client accounts, budget discussions, and complete communication.

What does Tamara do, and how does it work?
As an indispensable team member contributing significantly to the company, Tamara performs the following tasks:

  • organizing workflow according to Scrum and Kanban methodologies
  • scope planning and formation
  • ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget, planning workloads
  • account management, including budget discussions and full communication during the project

She maintains regular contact with clients, providing updates and resolving issues. By coordinating the team’s efforts and aligning them with client expectations, Tamara ensures the delivery of high-quality products.

What is Tamara’s mission?
Tamara aims to create high-quality products in a productive work environment and maintain strong client relationships. Her goal is to ensure the success of each project, thereby enhancing Corpsoft.io’s reputation and reliability.

Outside of work, Tamara:
– discovers new places and cultures through travel
– loves playing with cats, and has a unique way of connecting with them
– often prefers reading a new book over taking a walk