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Business digitalization tool development background

Our clients are business owners who already have an existing business because they sell offline cards with foil-covered text that can be erased. Their request was to provide business digitalization to let people buy the same card, with custom design and text, and open it on any convenient device. The founders already have stores on Shopify and Etsy, where they sell these physical cards. So it was important to develop a web app with Shopify and Etsy integration.

Product Description and Challenges

Corpsoft’s team received a request to create a web application for the digitalization of an existing business. Owners wanted to create a platform, with the idea of creating custom postcards with an erasure effect. Anyone can buy a postcard on the platform, customize it with different picture variations, write custom text with wishes, add animations, etc. And then copy the link to the postcard and send it. The most interesting thing is that the lifetime of a postcard is 14 days. You can also get a QR code for the postcard.

During the development of the application, we faced some challenges such as:

  • creating a scratch effect like in a real postcard.
  • integration with Etsy and Shopify
  • surprise animation
  • optimizing the cards for any device

Key Project Features

This project offers personalized greeting card creation using a scratching mechanism and integration with third-party stores such as Shopify and Etsy. The platform provides a selection from a library of card designs that can be customized with personal text that is hidden and uncovered by scratching it. After adding personal text, the system generates a unique link that could be sent to anyone and would be valid for 14 days after purchase.

The key features of this platform are:

  • Personalization: users can create unique greeting cards by customizing them with personalized text that will be revealed via scratching. This allows for the creation of individualized gifts that can have special meaning for the recipient.
  • Integration with third-party stores: the platform is integrated with external stores such as Shopify and Etsy. This allows users to purchase and customize cards quickly and conveniently.
  • Unique links: this system generates a unique link for each card that will be active for 14 days after the purchase. This is convenient for sending a postcard to anyone.
  • Basic JS effects library: developers created a basic library of JS effects, which provides various surprise effects after the recipient of the card scratches off the space with the text. This adds extra interest to the card.
  • Optimization for different devices: system optimizes postcards for any type of device, which allows the picture to look well on all the devices where the picture could be opened.

Value of Business Digitalization Tool Development

As a result of development, the Corpsoft team created a web application that allowed our clients to digitize their business. We successfully delivered the project quickly, with the flexibility to combine a limited budget with the wide idea of the founders. This application allowed them to expand the business and push their products to the next level of sales. In just a few weeks the client has more than 1000 orders for digital greetings. The key value driver was the integration with eCommerce stores Etsy and Shopify.

Through a successfully implemented greeting card builder with a scratch effect on the platform, users can create, easily purchase and customize postcards, as well as share personalized wishes with friends and relatives.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack.


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