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Here you’ll know more about custom development with the affiliate system  for the beauty industry by Corpsoft.io

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Our client is the founder and CEO of a company in the beauty industry that was looking for developers to create an app. So it will bring together affiliate links from various beauty product partner stores and combine them into a single platform. The main goal was to provide makeup application development with product recommendations adapted to their individual preferences, while also monetizing the affiliate system.

Product Description and Challenges

The project idea was to create an application that helps anyone choose the correct shade of cosmetics and immediately see the recommended products. To do this, the user can use two methods of selection: selfies and an online survey, which help determine skin tone, color type, etc. The user then gets a list of products that are perfect for him and can click through to the purchase page.


  1. Time to develop: Development had a limited amount of time to develop – 70 days. The total length of the process is 12 weeks, with some overlapping steps.
  2. Picking makeup, and cosmetic products by photo and dotting the face identification.
  3. Product picking: after the selection of cosmetic products to visualize the selected product, the user can click through to the purchase page.

Key Project Features

The following functions are critical to the success of the project:

Selfie Function: The selfie function operates seamlessly. The program recognizes the user’s face by identifying the points and skin color. As a result calculate the average color value by using a formula. Later, the system matches it with corresponding products from the database.

Online Survey: If users are unable to take a selfie, they can answer questions from a survey. This provides a best match them with the desired products.

Redirect to Product Page: After determining the important parameters for selecting cosmetics, users are directed to the product page where they can purchase the necessary items through affiliate links.

Admin Panel: The admin panel includes the following functions: product management, category management, survey creation, and result in matching mechanism. The results are available in an Excel file.

User-Friendly Interface: We have also developed a responsive and easy-to-navigate interface on our side.

GDPR Compliance: The platform complies with GDPR standards, which means that personal data is protected.

Value of makeup application development

Our team played a significant role in the success of the project. We created a site from scratch with the UI/UX and content provided. We achieved the necessary functionality in just a few sprints, which usually costs other companies thousands of dollars per month.

One of the key features of the site is its demanding design for mobile devices. We ensured that the site was mobile responsive and retained high-quality photos. In addition, we implemented data parsing and automation and introduced new photo features such as facial recognition libraries, facial coordinate searches, and mask rendering.

We implemented a new feature in the admin panel with dynamic fields that depend on each other for efficient data entry and filtering. We also improved the user experience with facial recognition libraries for accurate results. These updates were completed in just a few sprints, greatly improving the platform’s functionality and usability.

Process of work

Communication was managed on Fiverr with daily updates. The first phase was on milestones – as it was more suitable to lead on Waterfall and the second phase was on Scrum.

Technology stack: Php >=7.2, Laravel >=7.0, jQuery 3, CSS 3, HTML 5

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Fiver.

Client’s review

Check out what our client shared as his feedback.


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