Web application platform development for declaring and insuring cleaners

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Cleaning Web App Background

The client is the owner of a young and modern cleaning company. The touchstone essential of the project is that the platform is more like a freelance cleaning web app. According to the idea, there is a set of cleaners and orders, and the cleaner can take the job through the app.

The owner found us and requested an MVP web platform to implement his business idea. The client had a prepared worked-out format, service model, and product vision to simplify the management of the model. That is: finding customers, engaging cleaners, creating an order, processing the service, and calculating the cost.

Web Application Description and Challenges

Our client was a modern cleaning company with over 2,000 clients and approximately 100 cleaners on staff. The company planned to expand and needed a web-based platform that would allow customers to provide cleaning and insurance for their cleaners. The platform is used by clients, cleaners, and office staff.

The main goal was to create an MVP (minimum viable product) version of the platform between September and November. After that, the platform was refined and adjusted according to feedback and user behaviour. Essentially, the platform is a mix of a marketplace and b2b, where it manages the business while providing a private interest club for cleaners invited by their customers. The platform also manages the cleaners’ service.

Key Project Features

The main features of this custom app include the implementation of basic working agreements such as user registration, work with contracts and user administration, as well as the ability to accounts top up, payslips calculations, systematized work with documents, and the billing area of the admin, which allow you to track all payment transactions and accounting settlements in the system. Later we also integrated more payment functions such as Twint, Cash, and Bank Transfer with billing, which makes this project a convenient way to conduct financial operations.

We also provided for this MVP several features that are necessary for effective financial management, such as an internal tool that allows the insertion of specific tax and pension deductions depending on the client area, an itemized billing and accounting system with the ability for customers to deposit their account by bank transfer, and after, creating ISO file for batch payments to cleaners and making payroll for cleaners.

We’ve also added a multi-language capability to the platform, making our project more accessible to clients, as well as the ability to create other administrative documents for clients and cleaners, deeper accounting, and DocuSign integration for easier signatures on all documents.

Value of Cleaning Web Application Development

As a result, the Corpsoft.io team developed the project that provided the cleaning company owner with a convenient and effective way to manage financial processes within its platform, creating a comfortable workspace and providing secure money management through bank transfers and other methods of payment. Key features of the MVP web platform included contract management, account replenishment, payroll calculations, systematized document management, and a billing area for the administrator. The successful cooperation with the client resulted in an improved business model and increased accessibility for customers and cleaners.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack.

Client’s review

Check out what our client shared as his feedback: CLICK HERE


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