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This LMS administration mobile app offers an exceptional educational experience for students, featuring top-tier and comprehensive video training materials, quizzes, and mini-lectures. This solution is meticulously designed to convert intricate academic content into easily comprehensible training resources, utilizing high-quality Netflix-style videos. The mobile learning software is dedicated to simplifying complex academic materials through a harmonious trio of video, text, and quizzes. 


LMS administration app background

We were contacted by a client specializing in crafting e-learning content for universities and private educators across the EU. Their goal was to develop a solution that could facilitate the seamless delivery of their innovative learning approach via a mobile application. Given that the centerpiece of their learning system is short, informative videos, our primary focus during the development of this solution was on enhancing the in-app media player.

Key features implemented in e-learning app

To realize our objectives and surpass client expectations, we’ve embedded the following features in this mobile app:


  • We’ve designed an in-app multimedia player that offers a first-rate Netflix-style viewing experience. Our solution enables the seamless playback of training materials in high quality, complete with various subtitle options integrated into the media player. This feature empowers students to effortlessly access academic content, making it highly understandable with minimal effort.
  • To ensure that students master the materials, we’ve incorporated a practice quiz feature, enabling them to assess their knowledge through intuitive Q&A sessions. By completing these quizzes, students earn points that reflect their overall progress.
  • For a smooth learning experience, we’ve introduced a smart search feature that enables students to effortlessly discover various courses. The in-app search engine categorizes and provides suggestions based on students’ preferences and their previous engagement with courses.

Value provided by LMS administration mobile app development

The educational app for adults we’ve developed empowers students across Europe to acquire new skills and learn from top educators. We approach training materials with concise yet informative high-quality video content and reinforce knowledge through practical quizzes.

This integrated approach, embedded within a high-quality and user-centric mobile learning app, is driving education to new horizons. With a dedicated focus on LMS administration, our e-learning platform is designed to revolutionize the learning experience.

The tech stack that was used for LMS administration app development

To ensure the seamless performance of the app on multiple platforms, we employed the Flutter framework, coupled with Laravel for smooth integrations and a robust backend system. In addition to the mobile app, we also designed a web-based admin panel for course management, utilizing Flutter for its development.


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