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How it started: education and recruitment for students in one platform

Our client is the managing director of a German company that was looking to develop a platform to facilitate collaboration between industry and universities. The platform is dedicated to educational services, employer branding, recruiting, and idea generation. Companies can upload and share their business cases with selected professors and students. The client sought to create a web application that could automatically connect businesses with professors and students. The main goal of this project was to build an MVP (Minimal viable product).

We were found on Fiverr. The founders of our client company decided to work with Corpsoft.io because of our ability to deliver the project on time and our reputation for high-quality work.

B2B & B2C Marketplace Description and Сhallenges

Corpsoft.io has developed an online marketplace for B2B and B2C enterprises from scratch. The platform allows businesses to provide information about themselves to facilitate collaboration with university faculty and students. The project goal was to create an MVP that can function as a learning management system. So business case management platform for four user groups: companies, professors, students, and marketplace administrators. All users have different levels of access. They can upload, download and share files, privately or publicly on the business case platform. The main challenge of the project was to complete it for the 3 sprints, i.e. 1.5 months of active development.

Key Project Development Features

The main challenge of the project was the limited to three sprints time of development, so the platform had to have many features, including a start page, a contact form, a store, a marketplace with advanced filters and keyword search capability, a blog, a personal account, a job portal, events, and security outputs.

A multi-role system is implemented on the platform, giving different access levels to companies, professors, students, and administrators. Companies can use the platform to find young professionals, who, in turn, can complete tasks and get their first job or part-time job.

Different packages are available for companies in the store, and once purchased, they can upload their case to the platform’s marketplace. A feature of these packages is the possibility of buying particular features for the complete package. Tutors can register on the platform to access the entire case, and students can register in a password-protected member area linked to both the company and the educator through the case. We’ve also provided adaptive design, a user-friendly interface, basic SEO optimization, and speed optimization. The store supports a variety of payment methods, and the personal account requires proof of identity when registering.

Value of development

The Corpsoft team has created a platform that connects businesses and universities in Germany in a limited number of iterations. This platform helps deliver training to future professionals and provides access to talent among students. Through a unique assignment tool, companies could create assignments and post them on the platform, where students could apply to complete them. So, the platform creates opportunities for students to show their potential and find jobs, and for companies to find talented young professionals.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack. 

Client’s feedback

Check out what our client shared as his feedback: CLICK HERE


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