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Custom e-learning platform background

The Corpsoft team has developed a unique e-learning platform as a part of the partnership with the Asian Startup Factory, which started more than two years ago. The main goal of the project is to create an online academy for sharing experiences and knowledge, allowing content creators to provide access to unique learning materials and help learners to study using the information provided. We began development with a minimally viable product.

E-learning platform description

An academy is an educational platform that brings creators and learners together to share knowledge. One of the key points is that creators can establish their own “academy” using the technical tools provided, similar to creating a store in Shopify. They can upload a variety of content, such as YouTube videos, and files, and create custom self-test assignments. Learners, in turn, are able to get access to courses designed by these creators using different types of subscriptions, as well as chat with them in real-time.

E-learning academy features and challenges

There are a number of key features and solutions that have made this product such a success:

  • Academy Creation Tool: First of all, the platform offers a technical tool for creating learning academies. It allows users to create courses that are full training programs. Support for building courses is also present.
  • Extra Material Addition: Furthermore, users can add all the materials they need to create courses, including pulling videos from YouTube and uploading any type of file. This greatly expands course creation capabilities and allows users to build courses tailored to different learning needs and styles.
  • Subscription System: Learner interaction with creators is an important aspect of the platform. Users have subscription access to the platform and can get real-time feedback through a robust live chat system. This greatly enhances learning and allows users to get answers to their questions quickly.
  • Custom Question Builder: Finally, an internal custom question builder tool that allows creators to easily generate questions on materials for student self-testing, as well as scoring capabilities, provides assessments of knowledge absorbed from the academy. This is an important tool for testing the effectiveness of learning, which ensures a high quality of learning on the platform.

Overall, all of these highlights and solutions are important components of the platform that make it so successful and popular with users.

Value provided through e-learning platform development

As a result, the Corpsoft team has created a unique learning platform-academy that makes education more accessible and flexible. Learners can study materials at their own pace and at any time convenient to them.

We also focused on the user experience, making the platform intuitive and easy to use. This helps learners focus on studying the material rather than on how to use the platform.

Through a learning-academy platform, content creators can make their experience available to a wider audience, expand their customer base, and profit from the sale of their courses.

Technology stack: Laravel, PHP, HTML 5, CSS, MySQL

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack.

Client’s review

Check out what our client shared as his feedback: CLICK HERE


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