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Project Background

The company approached Corpsoft.io with a request to evaluate the current state of the application, which was not working correctly, fix the current bugs and implement subsequent phases to expand it. Their previous developers were not up to the task and were demanding a fee until the project was completed.

The company saw two solutions – fix the current bugs and implement the next steps or build the application from scratch. After assessing the code base, the results were extremely disappointing – the code structure was in bad shape and further scaling would require a lot of effort and large investments.

The company employs over 200 people who use the current platform on a daily basis to support processes. After a detailed assessment of the current situation and risk assessment, it was decided to rewrite the existing application from scratch, thereby avoiding the risks of unstable operation in the future and loss of money on the part of the customer.

Сorpsoft.io researched and implemented a temporary alternative for the company using external ready-made solutions, which allowed to save internal processes for the customer team during the development of the first phase.

Client’s initial request

“We had a web application built to support our virtual back office company. It’s built on MySQL and PHP. Unfortunately it does not function as we intended it to, and   cannot now get any response from the developer to have it corrected. We are looking to either adjust the existing app to do what we need or completely rebuild it in some other format.

This application allows us to track incoming calls and mark them for marketing reporting purposes, it also tracks employee time punches, vacations, holiday pay, and requests for time off. We are looking for something that can be expanded significantly in the future. The end goal is to have a complete platform capable of supporting everything that our business currently uses a dozen different services for.”

Project Description

My Office Help is a back-office virtual solution for the home services industry, offering scheduling, dispatch, customer relationship management, marketing, business coaching, social media management, web design, and graphic design services.

The owners were focused on an end goal such as a universal CRM that allows all business operations to be managed through a single application, whether it be embedded processes or APIs that integrate with CRM schedules such as Housecall Pro and VoIP services such as 8×8.

The platform has the following functionality:

  • Employee time tracking;
  • Call data tracking;
  • Booking conversion rates;
  • Client-side access providing live updates on call statistics;
  • Holiday/Vacation pay tracking;
  • Time off requests;
  • Marketing origination tracking;
  • Internal data tracking through assigned teams and individual employees;
  • Exportable reporting capable of generating documents in PDF, Excel, CSV, or Straight Print.

In addition, the following roles must be present on the platform

  • Owner (Can access all features);
  • Admin (Can access all features, but cannot remove or alter owner accounts);
  • Team Leader (Can access reporting, time off, data edits, time tracking, and time edits for the members assigned to their team);
  • CSR (Can enter data and access their time data, their reporting, and that of their team);
  • Client (Can access reporting data for their own company, with the names of reporting CSRs removed.
  • Project Challenges

The Corpsoft.io team faced the following challenges on this project

  • Migration of data from an outdated system – taking into account that the architecture was originally built incorrectly by the previous developers, it contained a large amount of data that was chaotically grouped so we had to work hard to migrate it to a new system with a new architecture without losses.
  • Building complex multi-optional reports, both internal (for owners) and external (for customers), large volumes of data generated by the company needed to be put together quickly and be easy to use. This is why dynamic and flexible reports were created – the old system was not able to do it.
  • Implementation of the system in the already established processes of the company with a minimum entry time for employees – we’ve conducted detailed planning of architecture, navigation and location of elements to facilitate the perception of the system by new users on an intuitive level.

Value provided

  • Accelerated the process of working with data;
  • Established transparency within the company allowing management to easily monitor the activities of employees;
  • All the necessary tools in one place – we combined all the necessary components into one (before there were 8 different systems that were regularly used in the work) – thus allowing to accelerate the work time of the employees;
  • The company’s work has become more transparent to customers with the introduction of personal customer accounts to track the work thereby increasing their loyalty.

Process of work

We used Scrum with its sprint-based development and fast increments shipment.

After analyzing the domain, discovering and planning the project, we started the development iterations. We divided the work into sprints, formulating the tasks to be completed in the format of user stories with an emphasis on the client’s business.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Skype


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