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Do you know how the business would be sliced and eaten by the digitalization? 

In fact, it’s already happening.  Here’s how. A bit of fun story, which we advise to take very seriously.

Business digitalization, pizzeria example, illustration

— Google Pizzeria, good afternoon!
— Google pizzeria?
— Yes, Google Pizzeria. What would you like to order?
— But … Isn’t that the Signor Pomadore pizzeria?
— Alas, it was, but after Google acquired it, now our offering has become much enhanced!
— Fine. Do you take orders?
— Of course. Would you like your regular order?
— Regular? How do you know which one?
— Oh, we have a customer ID, and we know that from your phone you ordered pizza Vesuvius with double cheese and ham, plus a bottle of well-chilled Baltika beer for the last 53 times.
— Wow, okay, let it be!
— Excuse me, may I recommend you something?
— Of course.
— Do you know our full menu?
— No.
— Here’s the most complete menu, and I would like to advise you on pizza with cottage cheese and herbs, and a bottle of mineral water with a small salt content.
— Cottage cheese? Greenery? Salt? Are you crazy? I hate it all!
— I understand, but this is only for your own good. For the benefit of your health. In addition, you have very high cholesterol …
— How do you know this?
— Our company has the largest database on our planet. With the phone number we know your name, and therefore have access to your clinical tests.
— I do not care about your database! I do not want pizza with cottage cheese and herbs! I take medication, and therefore I can eat whatever I want, understand?
— I’m sorry, but you have not taken pills lately.
— How the hell do you know that? Spying on me every day?
— No, no! We just have a database of all pharmacies in the city, and the last time you were there was 3 months ago. And one package has only 30 pills.
— Damn, that’s true. And how do you know that?
— From your credit card …
— What?
— Yes, you get a discount when you pay with your MMM bank credit card in your pharmacy. Our database contains all your credit card expenses. And for the last 3 months you didn’t buy anything there, but you bought in other stores, which means that you didn’t lose your credit card.
— F**k. Can’t I pay in cash?
— It’s impossible. You pay in cash only $ 100 per week to your handmaid, everything else – you pay only with a credit card.
— Bastards! How do you know how much I pay the maid?
— She pays social insurance …
— Go to hell! Damned digitalization…
— As you wish. I’m sorry, but all this information is on my display and I only want to help you. I kindly recommend you see your doctor and take the tests you did last month to determine the dosage of the medicine.
— Listen, you …! I’m all fed up with your computers, databases, AI, Internet, Google, Facebook and Twitter. I’m sick and tired of not having a personal life in the 21st century!
— So sorry to hear that…
— Shut up! Tomorrow I’ll leave somewhere far from all this shit. I’ll go to the Fiji islands, or anywhere where there is no Internet, computers, phone, no people who spy on me all the time …
— I understand you …
— For the last time I will use my credit card to buy a plane ticket and fly to the end of the world !
— Great …
— Cancel the pizza order. I don’t want it.
— Ok, done. If you only allow me… one small thing…
— What else???
— I just want to kindly remind you that your passport has expired …

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How to adapt to business digitalization? 

Google pizzeria is fun, but it really pictures the future of any business. No worries though, AI would not be suggesting cottage cheese and herbs instead of delicious pasta carbonara unless the user indicates he’s thrilled by cottage and herbs.

We’re entering the time when business really CAN know its customers better than customers themselves. Before, the inner soul of a person was a dark place. Now, it’s totally possible (actually, already a reality of business digitalization) that big corporations and even small businesses, with which customers interact daily, know about people more than people imagine. This is how business adapts to emerging technologies and disruptive innovations. With a rapid collection of personal data, it’s important to have mechanisms for analyzing the data for making wise suggestions, manipulations and smart user journeys. We live in the era of Dataism, when collection, processing, and analysis of the information are the top needs for the business.

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Any system is about a combination of components. In the case of data processing, it’s obvious that the system should have a component for collecting data, a component for storing and a component for analyzing. It’s all about a powerful combination of a smart back-end that can have AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) algorithms for feeding back actionable insights AND engaging web interface that interacts with the users and allows gathering the data or play with it. Before even building some complicated system, the first step would be to come up with some simple+loved+complete product (MVP in other words) that can help validate the idea and tame customers share the information.

Let’s look deeper into the pizzeria business digitalization example. Before Google “purchased” it and turned into a “digital-all-seeing-eye” , there should have been some system (and it could be web system) for small Signor Pomadore pizzeria which collected orders, provided analytics to pizzeria owner and stored information about operations data. It could be a simple web-based system that features operator interface for taking orders, manager’s interface for analyzing business and a few other helpful screens (like, for example, interface for the delivery team). It should have started small as a web system.

Work with a small team of developers can be the first step towards full digitalization of the business and its adaptation to emerging trends. Several months of work on an internal business tool for tracking orders and operational metrics can give a powerful impulse and lead to a complete shift of a business model, new value proposition, new lifecycle of a business and higher echelon of income.

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