Who really cares about that notorious digital transformation? 

To tell the long story short, that is not about the newest technologies implementation, but it’s about business processes getting digitized and optimized in such an extent we could assert that now a company has been digitally transformed.

Digital transformation is currently one of the main goals of business development strategies of nearly half of the CEOs worldwide. Companies do not want but have to accept the rules of existing markets along with keeping up with the modern world, and those, who won’t tackle this question asap – won’t exist in our future. In other words, companies that do not claim their presence in the digital world will become a subject to digital dissipation.

However, along with trends, the economics cannot be omitted here. We perfectly know examples when new challenges, technologies and opportunities face the strong arguments of economic feasibility and loose because the cost is too high…

That is actually the reason why the outsourcing as the notion has appeared. And that is the point where Ukraine is taking the lead at the moment. The World has already recognized Ukraine as one of the best outsourcing destination countries. We are among the top 20 offshore locations in EMEA (Gartner), among the top 50 countries by the volume of outsourcing activities (A.T. Kearney). Furthermore, Ukraine is the first in CEE by outsourcing volume (CEEOA) and it occupies the first place as the outsourcing market in Eastern Europe (Outsourcing Journal)

Why Ukraine could be the right place to order digital transformation services?

Why could this country compete with such western market code monsters like the USA, Canada, etc?

Despite Ukrainians wish the domestic economy was in a better situation, IT companies are currently admitting significant growth not only in the outsourcing but also getting partially involved into the product-oriented development at different stages. Although this shift cannot be treated as a complete change of attitude towards our existing business model, nonetheless it means we are on the right way to ‘put on’ the product-thinking business models.

And this is a consequence of the following influencing factors:

1) Very tech-savvy staff

Ukrainian engineers are on the cutting edge of the following technologies that are the most popular ones around the globe:

Java (26.3%);

– C# (15.4%);

JavaScript (13.8%);

PHP (13.1%);

Python (8%)

Node.js, ASP.NET, Ruby, Symfony are also included into the list of skills and they are paid big attention.

In other words, the full competitive stack of technologies could be found among Ukrainian developers. Due to this fact, many software development companies have moved their offices to Ukraine along with management staff that provides the better extent of business processes conducting and inextricable connection between techs and managers.

2) Expertise

In Ukraine, there are 1000+ companies with 15+ years experience in IT. That approved fact by outsourcing magazines and domestic experts makes possible to find that required specific expertise which you need to develop even the concept of your product ending to boosting its launch and conquering a market.

3) Big IT community

It seems hard to imagine, however, Ukrainian IT pool counts approximately 150000 workers and this number is constantly growing day-by-day. The growing of the IT has made another important contribution like changing the mindset of generation Z to IT-oriented ones. In its turn, this expands the tech capabilities of the IT pool as many teenagers are currently trying to start their career in IT and nothing more.

4) No language barrier

Nearly half of all Ukrainian IT workers speak English at Upper-intermediate and Advanced level. That makes simple communicate, conduct brainstorming, reporting, analyzing and doing all rest business processes in a live talk, but not via e-mails and chats. Seems ordinary, yeah? Then ask customers who are trying to do the same with South America countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc

5) Price/Quality ratio

Yes, we cannot omit this question, as every startup founder, every investor is not building a product only with an aim to build a product, but in 99% of cases, these products are aimed to earn them much more money. Everybody counts costs: investors, business owners count costs very well, so they perfectly know that Ukrainian developers’ hourly much more attractive than rates of other service providers.

But what will be the main decision factor?

6) The primary reason is that every Ukrainian engineer strives to be more than an ordinary coder.

He accepts challenges, tries to understand the business process of Customers and what objectives a product, he’s currently developing, aims to attain, tries to be engaged in the product concept designing and even, sometimes, expresses interest to management processes.

This willing, enhanced by the enormous pool of tech skills along with the product-oriented mindset, has already made possible companies be product-thinking & design-thinking as well as be on the same page with Customers’ needs, expectations and level of partnership they are anticipating to get.


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