What Is the Enterprise Learning Management System, And Why Do You Need It?

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Our world is constantly changing, and there is no moment to rest. Tech giants always release innovations, so other businesses must offer their customers better features or products. It takes a lot of work to keep up with all the new knowledge and technology. That’s why many companies have started to develop their own knowledge bases, such as enterprise LMS, where they can share crucial data with employees.

Businesses can share any info under enterprise learning management systems (eLMS or interactive training software). It can include tech updates from the most commonly used tools to internal innovations. Businesses can also train their employees with quizzes and advanced simulations to teach them new skills in a safe environment.

Today, we will show you how LMS integration can improve your company’s workflow and how you can use LMS administration tools to boost your team’s efficiency!


🤔 What Is The Enterprise LMS?

It is a custom-made software application that organizations can use for onboarding, tracking, and managing learning programs for their staff. Here, you can create a system of any difficulty, from a simple quiz tool to an education complex. It can be characterized as a big internal educational hub for employees of enterprise-sized businesses.

With eLMS, you don’t need to put orders like “Hey, come to this site and learn everything from page 32 to page 78. After that, download this app and take the test. After completing, watch this YouTube video and download this book…”. Instead, you can put all the information your worker needs in one place. 

The capabilities of LMS are vast. You can build mini-courses with interactive quizzes and simulations to track whether employees have absorbed new facts. Or create a social network with an internal forum where staff can share tips and provide real-life examples to consolidate their knowledge. You can also track the work progress of all teams with performance marketing tools.


🧑‍💻Main Features of Enterprise Learning Management Systems

eLMS can go far beyond traditional learning systems in addressing large organizations’ training and educational needs. They can provide more personalized and diverse learning experiences perfectly tailored to the employee’s case. It will be easy to track their progress, as you can integrate your custom eLMS with any HR system. Check a more detailed description of the four main eLMS benefits below.

👩‍🎤Personalized Learning Experiences

It may take time to create the LMS, but it will pay out. Developers can write dozens of sub-scenarios to fit each case. That way, businesses can set up pre-made yet personalized courses.

Best corporate LMS can help the HR team fill the staff’s knowledge gaps and make personalized roadmaps for career development. With the web and mobile versions, your employees can access the knowledge base from any device.

🤓Diverse Learning Content

Usually, learning platforms are concentrated on a single learning type: video, text, quizzes, etc. They can only provide a partial experience, while LMS technologies can wrap all the tools you need in one place. 

Learning management systems allow you to use pre-built content from trusted providers or create your own education programs from scratch. You can also combine internal та external content sources, including YouTube videos, TikTok channels, courses from Coursera, or fun quizzes in Buzzfeed style.

🫂 Natural Team Building With Social Tools

As we already said, with enterprise LMS, you can develop your own small social network by launching closed forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, and even wikis for peer-to-peer learning. It provides new team-building opportunities, as people from different departments can chat even about topics that don’t directly relate to work, like social media, lifestyle trends, etc.

Gamifying the learning process also benefits your staff’s cooperation and goal-focusing skills. Try creating leaderboards and providing IRL benefits to winners. It can be a cash bonus, additional PTO days, or an insurance upgrade. The final prize depends on your capabilities and employee needs.

💼Cooperation with HR Systems

It’s one of many LMS benefits that you can use to connect multiple offices into a single system. You can connect all your employees to the learning system and share HR’s different access levels. The local HR team will have access only to information about their staff, and the regional HR team will have access to data from multiple offices. Meanwhile, the headquarters HR will have access to all units and their analytics. It helps them to make more well-considered decisions.


🗣Possible Usage Cases of LMS

Interactive training software capabilities are unlimited. However, developing takes time, so you need to understand what eLMS you want. It can potentially save you weeks or even months. We’ve gathered 3 of the most common eLMS usage cases to ease you through this task.

🧑‍🏫Onboarding and Career Guidance

Streamline the onboarding with well-structured and detailed information your staff may need. You can gather all work-related data, from courses on updating hard skills to lectures about company policies and internal culture.

🧑‍🎓Compliance Training For All Employees

In eLMS, you can track employees’ studying processes and generate reports for audits and certifications. In those systems, you can inform staff about new major updates and track whether they are completing mandatory training.

Once you add new info, the system notifies learners about it. Later, they can check new data when they have time. Short and interactive simulations will help them to solidify new knowledge. You don’t need to gather all the staff in one place to teach them new hard or soft skills. It saves you a lot of time and nerves.

🦸Training for Sales And Customer Service Departments

The sales department is among the most important in any company since they are responsible for a never-ending flow of new clients. Thus, they must know the most up-to-date data to promote your product. Launch new data directly in your custom eLMS so they can track all the updates and check it repeatedly whenever needed. 

Customer service is another vital department for any business. Those employees directly interact with people who have difficulties with the product. Thus, they must know its peculiarities and learn new negotiation techniques to satisfy clients.

You can test their knowledge with interactive tests, quizzes, or simulations. That way, you can ensure the support team can up-skill in a safe space.


🔍 Developing Enterprise LMS: A Glimpse and a Handoff

Building your learning management system is a complex task, which may take from 2-3 months up to a year. The more complex system you want, the more time it takes to develop and deploy it.

So, how does LMS development look in real life? Here is a general perspective on what you should expect in most scenarios. 

First of all, define your vision and scope. You should understand what type of educational content you want to provide. It can be a simple platform with video lessons and quizzes or a complex system with multiple educational content formats and AI-based simulations. The final choice is up to you.

Once you have figured out the project’s vision, research the rival’s solutions. Feel free to get inspired by the best practices. However, don’t unthinkingly copy them. We encourage you to create a custom system that benefits your team the most. 

The next step is to pick your development path. You can build the system from scratch or combine multiple pre-made solutions with custom services developed for your system. 

Now, gather a knowledge base and create testing solutions. If you decide to do interactive tests, quizzes, or simulations, it’s time to write scenarios for them. You can modify it later.

Once you are done with the preparation, you can start designing and developing. Begin by planning the design and creating branding images. These images will be the backbone of your LMS that you will pass to the developers. The back-end and front-end developers will then build a system that fits your specific needs. Once they have finished this, you can upload content to your new enterprise LMS.

The last step is to test the tool on different devices and deploy it. Refine based on user feedback and continue to monitor and improve performance after the LMS is launched.

As you see, this process can take a lot of time. So here’s the tip: the easiest way to save months here is to hire a skilled tech team that does this job for you. Meanwhile, you can focus on other crucial business aspects that need your direct involvement.


🧑‍💻 Leave LMS Development To Experts

Enterprise LMS development requires time and investments to build a complex, secure, scalable infrastructure. Experts can speed up and facilitate this process. All you need to do is contact the team and share details about your company and the vision of the future project. 

We will delve into your business domain, discovering important details about your business goals and eLMS vision. That way, we will build the interactive training software that perfectly suits your needs. Forget about overwhelming research, long development processes, and strict deadlines. We take this job so you can focus more on other business aspects that require your direct involvement.

We will gladly build a custom learning system for you. It can be SaaS LMS, LMS for small businesses or enterprises, or any other software. Contact us to see how your visions come true!

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