120 mil push messages daily for almost no costs

120 mil push messages daily for almost no costs

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Xesturgy Media is an innovative digital marketing agency with a specialization in contextual marketing, performance advertising, and brand building. One of the pain points that XMedia had – was high costs on one of the services they used for push messages. The number of messages that Xesturgy Media was sending on a daily basis was over 10 000 000, and that was reflected in more than $30k costs monthly for the service.

Xesturgy Media was chasing a goal of sending 120 000 000 messages daily, but with existing infrastructure and used service, costs would grow respectively high. That was exactly the challenge for us: to increase messages volume and decrease respective costs.

We’ve investigated the situation and offered the development of a custom service, that would be based on FireBase messaging + Google Cloud platform services.

🚀 Development took several months and as a result, it was possible to send more than 120 000 000 messages with average monthly costs $5-10k. In addition to that, we offered a custom analytics and tracking system. The architecture was re-designed to avoid excessive server load at the moment of messages going out.

After development work, Andrey Svyrydov also caught an accompanying problem: an increased number of subscribers caused the increase of AWS costs, which was used for hosting. Additional development and pull-out of static files to Google CDN decreased costs 3 times down.

We can conclude that several months of cooperation with us resulted in offering Xesturgy Media a great competitive advantage reflected in a massive scale and dropped internal costs. Along with top-notch tech solutions, we ensured we give high transparency about work done by sending a daily update on progress and sharing very informative reports during the course of the project. Communication and problem-resolving attitudes were key success ingredients in this case.

Successful start resulted in further productive work between Anton Korneev (CEO of Xesturgy Media) and Andrey Svyrydov (CEO and Solution Architect of Corpsoft.io).


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