Tetiana Svyrydova 🕵️
Talent Officer

Tetiana Svyrydova 🕵️

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Who is Tetiana, and what is her role?
Tetiana Svyridova is a recruiter and talent scout at Corpsoft.io. She handles the entire recruitment cycle, ensuring the hiring of talented professionals. Tetiana’s role is crucial in building a solid and efficient team contributing to the company’s success.

What does Tetiana do, and how does it work?
Tetiana manages the entire recruitment process: from identifying potential candidates to conducting interviews and facilitating hiring. Her responsibilities include:

  • closely collaborating with team leaders to clarify their needs
  • attracting top talent and experts in their field
  • improves the recruitment process at various levels

Her proactive approach and thorough assessment methods help attract top-tier talent to Corpsoft.io.

What is Tetiana’s mission?
Tetiana’s mission is to attract and retain exceptional talent that will drive growth and innovation at Corpsoft.io. By maintaining an efficient hiring process, her work ensures that the company employs qualified professionals who are aligned with its values and goals.

Outside of work, Tetiana:
– exploring the world through travel
– expressing joy through dance