Nika Tretiakova 🧝‍♀️
Marketing and Enablement

Nika Tretiakova 🧝‍♀️

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Nika works in the Marketing and Enablement department at Corpsoft.
Her tasks include the support of internal marketing processes and participation in client projects. Nika has great experience in this field – for 5 years, which allows her to quickly get into any context and generate new ideas.

In marketing she most of all likes the combination of clear figures with creativity, as well as the great influence of psychology – people’s behavior from different points of view, which is why she manages to follow the analytics and apply creativity to work with content.

She actively develops a global marketing strategy and validates hypotheses to improve the company’s appeal.
Lead generation is integral to her daily routine – finding new clients and working with the sales funnel.

🍵 Hobbies:
– Nika is a tea master, ready to hold a tea ceremony and treat everyone to Chinese tea on any occasion. She loves the philosophy of tea masters: “The way you like to drink tea is the right one”.
– Music helps her cope with stress. She graduated from music school in block flute, periodically learning to play kalimba and ukulele.
– Nika is actively involved in helping the shelter for homeless animals: she maintains their profiles on social networks and sometimes stops by to communicate with animals.