Dmytro Korostylev­čĽ║
Product Engineer

Dmytro Korostylev­čĽ║

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Dmytro works as a Product Engineer at Corpsoft. He has good experience in web development and back-end skills. Thanks to his analytical thinking and responsible approach to work, projects receive the proper amount of attention resulting in working solutions, which allow easy scaling and further fast development in the future.

Today Dima is showing great results, demonstrating a professional approach, and improving his skills. He actively seeks out challenges and embraces opportunities to learn new technologies, staying abreast of industry trends and best practices. This dedication to self-improvement enables him to enhance his skill set and deliver innovative solutions to our clients.

­čÄ Interesting facts: Dima can play the flute and piano thanks to his music education. Also, he is a candidate for the master of sports in ballroom dancing.