Dmytro Korostylev­čĽ║

Dmytro Korostylev­čĽ║

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Who is Dmytro, and what is his role?
Dmytro brings digital products to life, ensuring their efficient operation and easy scalability. Extensive web development knowledge and backend skills make him a key player. It helps create products capable of meeting the highest requirements of Corpsoft.io clients

What does Dmytro do, and how does it work?
Dmytro possesses unique technical skills and creative thinking, making him indispensable in digital solution development. Dmytro is always one step ahead thanks to his:

  • development of project architecture and logic
  • implementation of features according to business requirements
  • improvement and optimization of existing solutions

It enables him to offer clients innovative and effective products.

What is Dmytro’s mission?
Dmytro fulfills his mission by creating technologically advanced and user-friendly products that enhance users’ lives and help businesses achieve their goals.

Outside of work, Dmytro:
– can play the flute and piano, thanks to his musical education.
– can dance ballroom dances since he holds the title of Candidate Master of Sports