Anastasia Mateichenko🕵️‍♀️

Anastasia Mateichenko🕵️‍♀️

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Who is Anastasiia, and what is her role?
Anastasiia is a talent specialist at Corpsoft.io. She finds and recruits the best professionals for the team and helps them unleash their potential to the fullest in the warm, friendly, and highly productive atmosphere that defines Corpsoft.io

What does Anastasiia do, and how does it work?
Anastasiia stands out with her ability to connect with people, which helps her identify their strengths and motivation for working in the company. In addition to this, her responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing candidates’ vacancies for the perfect match to the company’s requirements
  • Assisting in the onboarding of new employees by providing them with all necessary information and support
  • Continuous training to offer employees current opportunities to enhance their skills
  • Working with teams to track their achievements and set new ambitious goals

Her creative approach is based on consistently maintaining a favorable work atmosphere, as happy and engaged employees are the key to the company’s success.

What is Anastasiia’s mission?
Anastasiia possesses essential qualities that make her an indispensable employee and the soul of Corpsoft.io. These include analytical thinking and passion for her work. Her mission is to make informed decisions and represent Corpsoft.io as the best workplace.

If you are a talented professional seeking new opportunities and want to work for a company that values people, Anastasiia will always be happy to meet you!

Outside of work, Anastasiia is:
– fond of drawing
– engages high heels activities
– cannot pass by animals