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Internal CRM was required to automate the lead-gen process. Because the agency had a custom process, its automation required a tailored tool, this is why the agency went ahead with in-house solution development instead of using out-of-the-box suggestions on the market. Custom lead-gen CRM goes beyond simple leads tracking by revolutionizing the speed and ease at which leads pipeline is processed, tracked, and analyzed.

CRM Features:

● Employee sign up with distinguished access rights;
● Automated leads gathering;
● Automated leads sorting based on defined criteria;
● Lead processing actions tracking;
● Extensive analytics on lead-gen pipeline processing;
● Admin Dashboard for Management and detailed Product Analytics.


Problem statement

Agency management was looking for a full-stack developer to help build the PoC (proof of concept). They had tight deadlines tightened to internal financial planning. Based on PoC results management of the agency made a decision to continue expanding internal tool and grow it into a unique system that covers all operations via a set of connected microservices.

Country: Europe
Industry: Digital, Internet Services
Technology: Laravel 6.0, HTML 5, Php 7.2, Google services API, Marketplaces integration (Upwork via RSS, etc.)
Costs level: $$$


Process of work

The nature of the job first required a very deep dive into the context of all operations. Together with the agency management we went through the following steps:

      1. Design sprint to determine the focus point of the PoC;
      2. Creation of processes diagram to capture how manually all established processes go;
      3. Determined automation points (selected only 2 process steps for automation in the scope of PoC);
      4. Formed backlog and approved development timelines.  

It was agreed to run monthly sprints, with frozen scope for sprint and beforehand planning.

Jira board of the project

Jira board of the project

Every sprint included demo to agency management, user acceptance testing by agency members and feedback processing.

Scrum process used

Scrum process used

Near-daily status updates and regular calls (2 times per week) ensured full transparency and tight collaboration between the business side and tech side.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack, Google spreadsheets.