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Appsembled offers a SaaS tool for self-employed professionals (content creators, freelancers, bloggers and consultants) who need to promote quickly and efficiently their expertise and services. SmartKit goes beyond traditional pdf media kit/ resume by revolutionizing the speed and ease at which content is created, published, shared and tracked.


● Login and Social sign-up Facebook & Google;
● Filling the form, and automatically generating fully responsive pages from forms based on SmartKit’s design template;
● Social integration and data import from Facebook & Instagram, Youtube;
● Near real-time SmartKit editing and preview;
● Tracking automatically embedded in each individual SmartKit (before publishing);
● Sharing page through customizable URL and email integration (Gmail and Outlook);
● Tracking detailed insights for each SmartKit interactions and email interactions;
● User tracking results (Key indicators and detailed views, opens, downloads, shares, etc.);
● Admin Dashboard for Management and detailed Product Analytics.


Problem statement

Appsembled founders were looking for a full stack developer to help build the Minimum Viable Product of their SaaS platform. They had tight deadlines tightened to financial planning, expecting to start raising a seed round in spring 2020 once iterations of the beta version demonstrate traction.

Country: United States
Industry: Media, Business, Digital, Internet Services
Technology: Laravel 6.0, HTML 5, Jquery, Php 7.2, Stripe integration, Mailgun integration, Google services API, Social Media integrations (Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram API).
Costs level: $


About client

Appsembled is a pre-seed Boston-based stealth startup. Two co-founders, who both have international backgrounds and strong startup business development experience.


Process of work

Monthly sprints, with frozen scope for sprint and beforehand planning.

Jira roadmap for Appsembled project

Jira roadmap for Appsembled project

Every sprint included user feedback processing (after continuous rounds of user interviews and demos) and agreed development scope processing.

Scrum process used

Scrum process used

Near-daily status updates and regular calls (2 times per week) ensured full transparency and tight collaboration between business side and tech side.

Daily status update example

Daily status update example

Tools used: Jira, Meistertasks, Zoom, Slack, Google spreadsheets.


Client feedback


Appsembled founder feedbaack

Appsembled founder’s feedback