SAAS training app development for the German sports market

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Training App Development Background

The client requested for developers with extensive experience and strong recommendations to complete his SaaS sports marketplace. The collaboration included helping to urgently complete an MVP marketplace app for athletes to connect and easily book workouts. Our client scheduled MVP for release in January 2021, with a second version planned for March 2021. Business owners highlighted the importance of high quality and on-time development.

Product Description and Challenges

Initially a completely different team handled this project, but later something went wrong and the decision was made to change the team. The Corpsoft team responded to the client’s request to take an urgent project and complete it before the specified deadline. The project is an affiliate system (SaaS) that coaches use to manage their offerings. It focuses on personal training. Our main goals were to complete the features development for coaches and superadmin. During the project delivery, the main challenge was to fit the training app development of the missing functionality into 1.5-2 months. Namely:

  • to implement the system of invoicing clients;
  • create a convenient calendar for planning workouts by integrating the Google Calendar API;
  • the ability to book and in-app pay for trainings;
  • provide chats with a customers;
  • the ability to track training progress;
  • onboarding trainers for superadmin;
  • adjust the trainers’ performance and track complaints.

Key Features of Training App Development

The key aspect of the development was limiting the implementation of the planned functionality in terms of time. Despite this, the Corpsoft team accepted this challenge. Expertise in platform development includes integration with Google Calendar API, which allows trainers to easily manage their training schedule for the day. There are features to “block” or book time for their training. Blocking means that the trainer is busy during that time and cannot conduct a session, while booking allows for convenient tracking of the schedule and confirming the client’s booking. The system automatically synchronizes blocked/booked time between Google and PS calendars. The application also verifies the authenticity of trainer data and uses APIs to interact with various third-party services, such as payment systems and social networks, providing additional features and capabilities for users.

The process of onboarding trainers on the website begins with signing a contract and adding them to the administrator panel. Trainers can add their information, such as languages, sports types, training locations, and prices. After completion, the administrator is notified of the trainer’s profile readiness for publication in the application. The administrator will check the photos and information before publishing the profile, and the trainer will receive an email notification when their profile is published. The working process required a complex representation of API endpoints and an adaptive layout.

Creating invoices on the website is done automatically after the user books a training session in the application. The system automatically creates an invoice with the current terms and sends it to the user via email. The invoice will also be stored in the client booking details. It was necessary not only to automate the process to successfully execute this workflow. But also to add user information from the application to the invoice, provide all the necessary information required by a tax consultant, and attach the invoice to the terms.

Value of development

Our client asked for an urgent development of a sports SaaS marketplace that would allow athletes to easily connect and book workouts. The Corpsoft team was engaged just 1.5-2 months before the scheduled release date. We successfully completed the project in time and with full functionality, despite time constraints. The team managed to overcome the challenges of completing the missing functionality, including billing, calendar creation, in-app payments, chat feature and workout progress tracking. We pulled this off by integrating the platform with the Google Calendar API, creating a process to register coaches, automating the creation of invoices after booking a session, etc. The project also required a complex API presentation and adaptive design to function properly, but finally provided value to the client.

Tools used: Jira, Zoom, Slack.

Client’s review

Check out what our client shared as his feedback: CLICK HERE


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