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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries is gaining momentum today. In particular, it has become especially popular in online marketing to generate content for SEO and link building. The surge in popularity has also triggered numerous discussions about the quality of SEO automation through AI-generated texts.

Some experts believe you shouldn’t put too much hope in generated content, as it is inferior to the quality of human-written content. In this regard, there have been many assumptions that, over time, search engines will demote sites with such content in search results, and links from such articles will not be useful.

The opposing opinion is that it does not matter whether the content was created by artificial intelligence or a human. It is more important for search engines to ensure that the content is as relevant as possible to the user’s query and provides the most complete answer to their questions.

In this article, Netpeak Software experts examine these issues to determine whether AI is worth using to prepare texts in link building.


If the text for link building is of high quality, search engines will consider it useful for users, and the link will be given more value. Here are the basic requirements that every link-building text should meet to be effective and not harm your website’s reputation:

  1. The text should be readable, well-perceived by readers, and comply with the current lexical, syntactic, and punctuation norms of the language in which it is written.
  2. The content of the text should be relevant to the subject matter of the site where the link is placed, as well as to the subject matter of your own site. If the donor site is multi-topic, you should stick to the topic of the specific section where the text is published.
  3. The text should be unique, as search engines can have an extremely negative attitude towards outright plagiarism. Indeed, it is not always possible to maintain 100% uniqueness. This is especially difficult for niches with a lot of terminology and well-established phrases or names. Nevertheless, writing texts with a uniqueness of at least 80% is recommended.
  4. Refrain from overloading the text with an excessive number of search queries. The content should be SEO-optimized, but you shouldn’t spam with keywords. It is enough to use the main search query in the title of the article and several secondary queries in the subheadings. Suppose there is a choice between readability and the introduction of a search query into the text. In that case, it is worth preserving readability and rephrasing the search query (diluting it with other words, changing the word form, etc.).
  5. The link should naturally fit into the context of the text. It should be placed in the first part of the article. If there are several links, they should be evenly distributed throughout the text. You shouldn’t hide links in subheadings, as they look unnatural and spoil the visual perception of the content.
  6. The length of the text may vary depending on its topic but be aware that short and uninformative articles look suspicious to search engines. Therefore, it is recommended to write content of at least 2000 characters. A text of 3000-4000 characters is the most optimal. However, you shouldn’t “add a lot of fluff”; the text should be informative and not repetitive.
  7. An article for buying links should be structured with H2 and H3 subheadings. Keep the text simple without an extended multi-level structure but with two H2 subheadings at a minimum.
  8. Use lists in your texts, as they help to better structure the presentation of information and visually highlight individual text fragments, making it easier for readers to read. If the article’s content allows, use multiple types of lists, such as bulleted and numbered.
  9. Don’t forget about images. Each text should be illustrated with at least one relevant image. If appropriate, choose a separate image for each subheading of the article.

Below is our suggestion for the structure of an article for link building as a schematic form:

Link building article structure

Link building is an essential aspect of SEO, and the quality of your texts can significantly affect the success of your site in search engine results. Also, don’t forget about the quality of the donor sites where the linked material will be published. You can quickly and easily check websites for compliance with the main metrics using Netpeak Checker. You can check both a single site and a whole list of donors. We recommend paying attention to resources with a Domain Rating of 30 or more and a share of organic traffic of 10% or more (the higher these indicators are, the better).

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AI is designed to simplify human life; its goal is to perform complex or routine operations that people used to do. While it’s not yet possible to make AI automate backlinks on its own, utilizing tools that incorporate SEO automation can significantly improve the efficiency of the process of linking building, particularly at the writing stage of a text.

Let’s explore the key benefits of AI-powered text generation in link-building:

  • Significantly faster writing speed: while a copywriter may need an average of 2 to 4 hours to write one article, SEO copywriting tools powered by AI can produce a text on the required topic in less than a minute;
  • Significantly lower cost of the text: a monthly subscription to the best AI SEO software for generating text can be equal to or less than the cost of several texts written by a copywriter;
  • More extraordinary creative resource: artificial intelligence can write many more texts on the same topic without compromising uniqueness; a copywriter may run out of ideas for multiple articles on the same subject;
  • More extensive knowledge: AI-based SEO tools already have a vast knowledge base in many fields; a copywriter may need several hours just to study the information needed to write the material (or even several days for complex topics).

Given these advantages, it is evident that automated SEO software powered by AI can generate a much larger number of articles on various topics in a short time than a copywriter can create. But what about possible disadvantages?

While acknowledging its potential benefits, artificial intelligence in text generation also presents certain drawbacks:

  • Low data reliability: AI SEO services generate texts based on data from open sources, some of which may be irrelevant, unreliable, or even deliberately distorted;
  • Text length limitations: different artificial intelligence models can generate texts of different lengths, but they all have limits on the output of the finished result. Because of this, AI may present certain parts of the text too briefly, and the content may not always be understandable to the reader.
  • Patterned expression of thoughts: AI generates texts using special language models that contain a clear list of template wording so that it may overuse the same marker phrases. For example, artificial intelligence may start all conclusions with the same phrase: “In summary” or “To summarize”;
  • Possible grammatical and syntactic errors in texts in different languages: although artificial intelligence can speak many languages, it may make mistakes in texts written in “non-native” languages with which it has little experience. In such cases, a human copywriter can produce a much better text.

Although these shortcomings are important, their impact can be minimized by proofreading the generated texts and manually checking their data. Of course, this will take some time, but it will still be much faster and cheaper than writing a full-fledged text from scratch.

Currently, search engines have not issued official statements indicating a reduction in rankings for websites featuring AI-generated content. Consequently, if your website produces high-quality and valuable AI-generated content that aligns with the interests of your visitors, including text generated through automated SEO tools, it is unlikely to pose any issues with Google or other search engines. So, let’s figure out how to generate high-quality anchor text for link building using the best AI SEO tools.


To ensure that the texts generated by AI for link building are of the proper quality, we recommend the following practices:

  1. Give a clear and specific topic in the prompt. Rather than “write an article about TVs”, specify “write an article about how to choose a good TV for your home” or “write an article about the advantages of Samsung TVs”.
  2. Specify both positive and negative language guidelines in the prompt. Include a list of words or phrases to avoid, such as common AI-generated markers, and provide a clear set of search queries and topic phrases to guide the AI’s text generation process.
  3. Clearly outline the desired text structure in the prompt, including the thesis statement and instructions for using subheadings and lists. Encourage the inclusion of introductory and concluding sentences around lists to provide context and enhance reader understanding.
  4. If some parts of the text are written too briefly, ask the AI to rewrite them, expanding and adding more detailed information.
  5. Insist in the prompt that the AI actively uses synonyms and pronouns when generating text. It will help reduce text spamming with the same words or phrases.
  6. If you have verified data sources for the topic, you should also include them in the assignment as a link. Alternatively, you may directly indicate all the necessary data in the prompt by copying and pasting from other sources.
  7. If you have an example of how to write a text, you can give it to the AI for a sample. (This is an excellent way of contributing to SEO machine learning!)
  8. In the prompt, specify the writing style (conversational, journalistic, scientific, etc.) and the type of text (general article on a specific topic, product rating or review, a ranked list, etc.).

If you follow these tips, you can generate good quality AI text using SEO automated software that will be effective in link building and bring the favor of search engines and referrals from interested users from the donor site.

Let’s look below at the example of a prompt for AI text for link building:

Prompt for AI text for link building

So, is it worth utilizing AI, such as ChatGPT, Bard, or any other, for generating link-building texts? We say, YES, it’s a time-efficient option, but you need to be cautious. While artificial intelligence is beneficial for generating link-building content, blind reliance is unwise. Provide detailed prompts to AI and carefully review the generated text for quality. This approach ensures compelling articles that engage users and enhance search result rankings.

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