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Nowadays, mobile devices are at their peak popularity and will only rise. According to Statista research, there were 7.1 billion mobile users in 2021, and this number is projected to reach 7.7 billion in 2025. Even if we consider that many people have 2+ phones, the number of mobile users is still astonishing.

There are at least 4-5 billion mobile users, and your potential clients are among them. Thus, you should provide them instant access to your service or product. If you have a website, it’s fantastic. But it’s not enough in 2024.

The last four years show us that you just don’t exist as a business if you weren’t online. We are all transitioning into a new stage: “If you don’t accept mobile development and consulting, you don’t exist”.

Mobile already holds a 60% market share over desktop, which has 38%. The tablet market share is steady at 2%. Mobile prevalence will only grow, so you should get your application as soon as possible. Otherwise, you increase the chances that your tech-savvy rivals may lure your potential customers to them.


🔍🕵️ It’s Easy to Get Lost In the Modern Internet

The Internet already has TOO MANY WEBSITES. Allocating an enormous ad budget may partially save the situation, but AdBlock’s existence significantly reduces this promotional channel’s effectiveness. As a result, you have a massive risk of losing a client even when they bookmarked your site.

The users need to be constantly reminded about your product. Launching your business application is one of the easiest ways to do it. That way, a user recalls you every time they open their phone.


🙆 It’s Complicated To Develop A User-Friendly App

A user-friendly interface is vital to earning trust and being remembered. To do this, you should understand your client’s pain points and how to solve them. Keep in mind even the nitty-gritty details, including features of their online behavior. What could be intuitively clear to the youngest Zoomers may confuse the older Millennials.

Research your target audience to understand what they see as a user-friendly mobile app. Conduct multiple A/B tests to find the best solutions that benefit as many users as possible. Keep the proper application maintenance by removing unnecessary features and updating it whenever needed.


🧑‍💻 It’s Crucial To Find the Optimum Development Approach

There are two types of mobile app development: native and cross-platform. One more type you might find internet-wide is hybrid app development services, which are usually cross-platform solutions with some extra gimmicks.

Both approaches have their own peculiarities and challenges. Keep in mind that it will be too expensive to change the development type in the course of action. Thus, we highly encourage you to find a suitable approach before developing.

📱🍏 Native Apps

It’s the process of developing mobile apps for a specific operating system. Usually, it’s iOS or Android. Here, developers use app development languages and tools native to the particular platform. It allows them to achieve the best possible performance and get access to all device’s features. Just remember when you ask Siri to launch the song on Apple Music. You can’t repeat the same with YouTube or Facebook.

Native apps usually have better performance because they are compiled specifically for the predetermined set of hardware and software. They are also more secure than cross-platform options, as they are less susceptible to vulnerabilities and potential attacks.

Developers can use sophisticated protection methods that are native to the chosen platform. It’s especially important for financial app development, where users share their personal data.

However, the native apps are still not perfect. Their two main drawbacks are higher cost and longer development process. To create native apps for multiple platforms, you must hire a separate team for each platform. It takes more time to sync both versions, which can sometimes be critical.

Native apps also have a restricted reach, which limits your customer base. If you want your app to be available for multiple platforms, you should develop all versions simultaneously.

Clubhouse is the infamous example of how slow development speed ruined the highly prospective social media concept. That’s why most social media are cross-platform apps. For instance, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are built on the React Native framework by Meta.

💻📲 Cross Platform

The performance of these platforms is quite similar to the native apps. Sometimes, they are slower, sometimes at the same performance levels. It depends on app features and the level of expertise of your development team. However, they have limited access to the device features. Just think about the Siri one more time. Can we ask it to launch a specific TikTok video? In late 2023, it’s still out of Siri’s capabilities.

This approach fits those who want to develop and deploy apps fast without losing application quality and distinctive features. Just make sure that all supported devices share can launch the needed feature. The development team can be much smaller; you don’t need to build software for each platform from scratch. It allows you to reach a wider audience much faster. 

Faster development cycles allow you to launch your app sooner and start reaping the benefits earlier. It is particularly crucial for applications with unique features, enabling the app to go viral. You can simultaneously launch this app on all platforms for the best audience coverage. It will also be easy to update and maintain those apps, as they have a single codebase.

Popular cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter have large, active communities providing support and resources. If you are a developer who starts your coding journey, you’ll become an expert much faster, as there is a LOT of community knowledge.


📱It’s Essential to Use Responsive Templates

Choosing the development approach is just the beginning. You must ensure your application works with the most common screen resolutions. It’s almost impossible to do it manually, as there are dozens of resolutions, and this number will only grow.

The easiest way to achieve the proper fit is by using responsive design templates. These special tools automatically adjust existing elements to fit the screen most appealingly. The most commonly used services are ConstraintLayout and RelativeLayout.

You can also try pixel-independent scaling. In this case, applications measure units of digital images with density-independent pixels (dp) instead of fixed pixel values (px). It helps you to ensure the proper element scaling for different resolutions.

Remember to test compatibility using real devices, emulators, and third-party testing services. We also highly recommend collecting user feedback. Come up with additional incentives for users to share the information you need. For instance, you can give them a discount or a free month/delivery.


💸It’s Vital to Focus on the Mobile Development and Consulting Budget

Developing your mobile app could be pretty expensive. However, reducing development costs without compromising the project’s quality is still possible. Here is what you need to do to optimize your budget expenses in mobile development and consulting:

  • You should set goals, clear KPIs, and a promotional plan in advance. Clarify the app’s features and possible workload in the research stage. That way, you won’t overspend on unnecessary things;
  • Prioritize the essential features. There will be edits. They consume valuable time and the company’s funding resources. If you have limits, prioritize the essentials, adding more features with time;
  • Consider the cross-development approach. Cross-platform mobile development and consulting can save you money if your entire brand is not built on “exclusivity for Apple” marketing. You can hire a smaller development team and release the project earlier;
  • Feel free to use open-source tools and libraries from community apps and tools. These resources can make development more accessible and cheaper;
  • Hire a dedicated app development team. They can estimate the timing and the funding level once you provide them with your idea and requirements. You’ll see the neat working process that potentially saves you weeks or even months while you can focus on other essential business goals.


How Corpsoft.io Team Can Help You In the Custom Mobile Application Development

Tech partnerships with external dedicated teams can be a win-win solution for modern businesses as they can provide far more expertise than just an outsourced mobile app development team. With a tech partnership, you don’t need to worry about the product since the team is responsible for getting it done.

It allows you to concentrate on other business aspects while the Corpsoft.io team can deal with the development, design, application optimization, deployment, and even marketing strategy. We undertake the mobile development and consulting processes, giving you more time to spend on pleasant things!

Start your business application development with Corpsoft.io now to become the industry leader. Combining our extensive experience and close-knit dedicated squads with your expert domain vision, we will help you quickly achieve new milestones. Get in touch with us here.

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