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When we first met the KeepYourSight project, the unique and one-of-a-kind telemedicine software platform for remote vision monitoring, we were blown away. This was a challenging experience for us, and we’d like to share our insights.

Spoiler: it’s awesome! 🤩

🏋️ What’s challenging about working with telemedicine platform?

We’ve overcome three major impediments while developing the custom solution:

  • We completed a stringent testing procedure and received HIPAA Compliance certification.
  • We developed a system to preserve patient data privacy and integrated it into our platform as it is a critical point in telemedicine.
  • We created one product suitable for a variety of audiences, including elderly patients, busy doctors, large institutions with extremely high and complex security walls, and so on.

Each of these tasks required a great amount of effort and previous research, but as a result, the telemedicine software development was an excellent experience that improved our team’s expertise.

🌟 The main factor that influenced the success of telemedicine development

We worked closely with product owners and domain experts throughout the project to gain a deeper understanding of the market, the product, and the audience’s key demands. We received tremendous help and advice from the client in discovering insights, enabling us to create a custom telemedicine software that precisely meets the needs of the audience.

🤔 What is HIPAA Compliance and why is it important for custom telemedicine solution

HIPAA is a set of standards for safeguarding all patients’ confidential health information. To work legitimately in the medical area in the United States, you must obtain a HIPAA Compliance certification, which confirms that your telemedicine software platform meets all medical and data security requirements.

Each large clinic in the United States has its own procedure for deciding whether or not to implement new tech solution. However, based on our personal experience, we can identify the basic steps:

  • Preparation and submission of documents presenting your software platform: in these, you explain the technical specifics, describe the architecture, attach the HIPAA Compliance certificate and a confirmation from an independent expert that the risk assessment was performed properly.
  • Interview with a clinic special commission: they talk with your team, discuss the specifics of your tech solution, and ensure you are responsible and qualified enough.
  • Testing your software for compliance with state and health standards, as well as making recommendations for improvements.
  • Deploy a pivot, a beta version of the program, on a limited clinic audience to test it. If the system works correctly and provides the intended results, it is made available to the full clinic audience.

The entire process may take up to 6 months, nevertheless it is important to fulfill all procedures in order to provide the telemedicine software development legally.

💎 The value of experience developing this kind of software

Above all, working on telemedicine software solutions improves your team’s patience and determination. To prove that your innovation is worthy of consideration, you will need to put it through a series of tests. Your efforts, however, will be rewarded by the reputation and investment you will make.

It will also boost your team’s ambition and professionalism, as not everyone takes on medical or law projects. If you are not frightened of challenges, this experience will provide you with numerous beneficial prospects!


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