Yaroslav Orlovskyi 🕵️‍♂️
Project Manager

Yaroslav Orlovskyi 🕵️‍♂️

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Yaroslav is Project Manager at Corpsoft.io.

He has extensive knowledge and practical experience in project and product management, as well as solid experience in top management positions. This experience is confirmed by his work in various companies and industries, as well as by working on the creation and development of his own startups and projects.

Yaroslav is also a certified Scrum-master of first and second degree, which allows him to implement the best practices regarding approach to realization and development of products.

Owing to his experience and skills, he provides the best service for Corpsoft.io clients, not only covering all processes of internal and external communication, but paying special attention to control of the smallest details of the project, therefore providing qualitative delivery, which meets clients needs.

I ensure planning and supervision of client’s projects in organization, from the very beginning to the completion. Also my responsibilities include employees and processes coordinating to reach the in-time projects releases on a budget and reaching desirable results according to goals. I act as a liaison between the project team, senior management and clients and do the planning, monitoring and regular reporting to stakeholders.