Vladislav Sviatokha 💁🏼‍♂️
Digital marketing lead

Vladislav Sviatokha 💁🏼‍♂️

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Vlad is a marketing lead responsible for the global marketing strategy and maintaining the required level of all processes related to the internal and external marketing of the Corpsoft.io team.

Several responsibilities include the entire aspect of marketing activities, managing time and work within the department, tracking the activity of department employees, also building, working out, and analyzing the immediate marketing goals.

Thanks to his top passions – problem-solving and critical thinking – together that creates a great marketing mind – both analytical and creative.

He likes to watch the Corpsoft.io company grow and gain the attention of potential customers in all around the globe thanks to joint efforts with Andrey Svyrydov and Darya Mateychenko.

👶Fun fact: Vlad is one of the youngest employees, he always tried to succeed in everything from infancy, so he took his first steps as early as 9 months and the next day knocked out two teeth (the only ones at the time).

If you need a marketing solution for your product, get in touch with us. Vlad and his squad are ready to develop and deliver digital solutions for your project.