Maxim Nikolaenko🧞‍♂️
Product Engineer🏗

Maxim Nikolaenko🧞‍♂️

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Maxim is a WordPress developer at Corpsoft.

In addition to building unique plugins and themes, Maxim’s duties also involve product optimization and support for both simple configuration tasks and intricate systems using actively developing WordPress platform.

He examines the demands for product growth, taking into consideration user needs and the context of the product domain, and then makes implementation suggestions for the best ways to do this while enhancing capabilities.

He takes a non-standard approach to his profession and develops fresh ideas in his field to boost productivity.

🏕Interesting facts: Maxim believes that the best way to spend time – vacation in nature in a pleasant company. He likes making new acquaintances, communicating and exchanging experiences. He enjoys swimming and riding a car.