Dmytro Zarichnuik 🧜‍♂️
Product Delivery Manager

Dmytro Zarichnuik 🧜‍♂️

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Dima is the Product Delivery Manager at Corpsoft.
He has extensive knowledge and practical experience in project and product management. This experience is confirmed by his work in various companies and industries.
Dima ensures the planning and supervision of client projects in the organization, from the very beginning to the completion. Also, his responsibilities include employees and processes coordinating to reach the in-time project releases on a budget and reaching desirable results according to goals. Dima acts as a liaison between the project team, senior management, and clients and does the planning, monitoring, and regular reporting to stakeholders.
🎶 Interesting facts: He is keen on exploring jazz and hip-hop, playing keys, guitar, bass, and drums. Also, he is a Manchester United fan, has a vinyl collection, and likes traveling.