Alexander Ganulich 🧞
Product Strategist

Alexander Ganulich 🧞

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Alexander is a Product Strategist at Corpsoft.
He is responsible for gathering and diving into product context and forming a product strategy and roadmap that addresses key business challenges where the product in focus would operate.

Alexander’s daily routine includes managing the product backlog, prioritizing product needs, developing product strategy with the customer, and communicating effectively with all team members.
Alexander also oversees all phases of development to ensure a suggested strategy is implemented well.

Applying flexible thinking and an analytical mind, he is excellent at handling a large volume of tasks, and managing the vision and the product creation process.

🌎 Interesting facts: As a hobby Alexander enjoys writing scripts and making short films in the comedy genre.
Sometimes performs standup. Also he loves to travel. The farthest place where he was is Easter Island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The farthest place he wants to go is Mars.