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SaaS development

SaaS stands for “software as a service”. In another words – it’s a “software on demand”. SaaS is a service model in which the company serves ready-made software and provides access to it to subscribers.

SaaS has fueled disruption, innovation and digital transformation. Of course behind every “easy-to-use” software there is a robust technology architecture and lines of code, created to deliver a cost-effective value to its audience.

Leveraging our technical talents and strategic insights, delivers rich experiences that powers digital transformation.

benefits of creating SaaS with

What you get?

  • Formed and performing team of engineers, who have both broad and deep expertise in SaaS production.
  • Business model and plan recommendations from the guy who already launched several his own profitable SaaS services.
  • Recommendations about partnership and investment opportunities.
  • Maintenance and dedicated team for further evolution of your SaaS.
how we handle this

What's our process?

  1. Idea validation (niche analysis, customer development);
  2. Financial planning (creation of the financial model);
  3. Iterative coding of the minimal viable product architecture and interface;
  4. SaaS launch and promotion to selected audience.
we know how it's done

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