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Marketplace development

Disruption, innovation, transformation… This has become an essence of the nowadays business environment. And the rise of the “shared economy” has opened an opportunity window for creating digital marketplaces – online services that connect customers and providers.

At we believe that marketplace development requires a specific and grounded approach, because it should serve the needs of several target audiences. Proper financial model calculations, marketing planning, and engagement strategies are the key things we concentrate our attention in such case.

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What you get?

  • Formed and performing team of engineers, who have outstanding expertise in digital marketplaces production.
  • Business model and plan recommendations.
  • Recommendations about partnership and investment opportunities.
  • Maintenance and dedicated team for further evolution of the marketplace.
how we handle this

What's our process?

  1. Idea validation (niche analysis, customer development);
  2. Financial planning (creation of the financial model);
  3. Iterative coding of the minimal viable product architecture and interface;
  4. Marketplace launch and engagement of the selected audience.
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