Work in progress, beta coming soon…


Working in IT industry, we know that most of the traditionally approached products fail. Their budget and work needed is not evaluated properly, different developers deliver work with different speed… A lot more factors can be listed, which cause the production failure, over/under-estimation, budget exceed and poor quality.

Not all projects require agile approach and if goal is specific and concrete – traditional waterfall approach could be quite right choice. It starts with estimation and planning. We posed a question to ourselves: what can be done better in estimation process, so that results could be expected in time and on budget?


Features we want to deliver:

  • Images/Mockups analysis;
  • Basic estimation flow (work breakdown, hours calculation, estimate doc creation);
  • Integration with project management systems;
  • AI that processes projects and recommends the estimate.

Technology used

Product is being built on PHP 7.1, Laravel framework and Vue.js.


Core challenge we’re facing is the big data we need to feed to the system, so that it could intelligently advise the estimate and core work breakdown. Majority of projects requested already resemble existing models. Having all the big data sorted and processes we can come up with the AI that helps project managers, developers and clients be more effective in estimating the projects.