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Web application started as MVP and grew to a good web solution for those, who sell online using one popular marketplace.

We did the analysis of all challenges and pitfalls that our customers had in this selling process. Also took a look at competitors. Main signal for us to start this work was that we got a positive engagement from people we interviewed.

Features delivered:

  • Autoresponder: sending e-mails to customers right from the tool;
  • Keyword Rank Tracker: monitoring of positions of the keywords in Amazon’s search
  • Seller Feedback Tracker: notifies seller about new feedback
  • Product review tracker: alerts seller about new product review post
  • BSR Tracker: monitoring of the BSR on every product

Technology used

Product is built on PHP 7.1, Laravel framework. We used the following tech stack to breath life into the app:

  • AWS SES for sending and receiving e-mails;
  • AWS RDS as solution for the database;
  • AWS EB served for load balancing;
  • AWS CW provided us with logs;
  • AWS Lambda worked perfectly for sorting income e-mail and forwarding data to the server;
  • Redis handled queues.


Core challenges we faced were around team, technology and of course timing. From that experience we’ve learned that:

  1. Team needs to be formed for a product. Forming -> storming -> norming and performing should be passed before you start investing money into development. Because any iteration can be put at risk if you have your team fighting internally due to some reasons.
  2. You should be confident in technology. No trendy tool can replace the expertise and you should be a pro in using it. Then you can deliver any complexe assignment or user story.
  3. Timing is important, so no way to waste it on unnecessary features. That blocks the progress. We faced a situation where the old proverb “the perfect is the enemy of the good” cannot be more suitably applied.