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We are looking for a creative, proactive and talented marketing assistant to work closely with marketing lead and company top management on global marketing strategy implementation.

We have cool and standing out expertise that is highly admired by our clientele and wanted audience, though we lack proper packing of this expertise and continuous sharing of this expertise and achievements. Moreover, the ambitious strategy developed by our top management has been impressive even for mature serial entrepreneurs and we can’t wait to strengthen our team to speed up the progress and move faster on this developed marketing roadmap.

What we’re looking for you to work on:
– Research and analysis, digging to very bottom of the subject;
– Freelance platforms and other resources (packing brand and maintaining profile information) to continuously produce narrative that reveals deep expertise and strong web presence on the sales channels that we use;
– Work on internal projects and requests from clients related to product marketing and product enablement;
– Packing and highlighting the positioning and branding of the company;

– At least 1 year of the practical experience in the marketing field (experience in content marketing may be a plus);
– Experience with B2B market (IT or service companies);
– Excellent English usage, B2-C1 level (higher the better), ability to formulate narrative with proper shades and tones;
– Strong knowledge of the marketing and sales basis (IT sales, product sales);
– Experience with direction of Lead Generation will be a plus;
– Pedantry in working with big data;
– Knowledge of SMM, copywriting skills;
– Understanding deeply the basics of communications;
– Knowledge of SEO basics;
– Agile mindset, proactive life position and ability to take initiatives and deliver;
– Ability to work with Adobe programs ( like Photoshop / Adobe Premiere Pro, ect.) may be a plus;

We offer:
– Comfortable working hours;
– Regular result-based salary reviews;
– Bonus system based on results of the team and personal achievements;
– Range of tasks that do not let you get bored;
– Cheerful & dynamic environment;
– Open-minded skillful team;
– Virtual workspace with perspective to move into one of the offices;
– Mentorship.

"baseSalary": { "@type": "MonetaryAmount", "currency": "USD", "value": { "@type": "QuantitativeValue", "minValue": 500, "maxValue": 1500, "unitText": "MONTH" } }, "applicantLocationRequirements": { "@type": "Country", "name": "United States" } }